Eye Makeup For Smaller Eyes

Eye Makeup for Smaller Eyes

At times, it can be so frustrating to hear people compliment others’ big, beautiful eyes. For some, eyes are a focal point when conversing with a person. So what do you do if you suffer from lack of appeal due to eye size? How do you make your eyes look bigger? Eye makeup is so, so important to transforming your natural features. The wrong kind of makeup can be a major turnoff, while the right kind of makeup can do wonders. Being properly educating on eye makeup technique is prevalent to making people notice your big, beautiful eyes as well.

The Do’s

  • DO choose eye makeup that coordinates with your eye color. Blues should not be mixed with brown eyes and browns should not be mixed with blue eyes. Knowing which color schemes to use is the first step to eye makeup success. For example, blue-eyed people should stick to silvers, whites, and bright blues. Those with brown eyes should use magentas, light purples, light browns, and gold colors. Of course, branching out into other colors is an option, but just be sure to know your colors before you do.


  • DO use color. There are so many color palettes out there; why limit yourself to one color? When going from small eyes to big eyes, keeping it simple is not an option. You want to draw attention to that part of your face. Blending the right colors together can make your eyes pop and sparkle.


  • DO use softer colors. While a variety of colors is a must, it is also important to keep to softer colors while also remaining vibrant in appearance. This is a fine line and it takes practice to know how to walk it. For blue eyes, softer and lighter blues are preferred over the dark and heavy blues. For brown eyes, lavenders and shimmering purples or more light golds are the better option. The bottom line is that your eye makeup should not appear heavy or dark. This makes your eyes look even smaller and closes in the shape of your eyes, making the opposite affect of what you want.


The Don’ts

  •  DON’T use heavy eyeliner or mascara. The dark lines and clumpy lashes constrict the eyes and make them look smaller. While smoky eyes are pretty for a night out, they give the reverse outcome of what you are trying to achieve. Stick to thin eyeliners and light mascaras, blending them into the eye shadow you have already picked out. In this case, less is more.


  • DON’T go simple. Natural beauty is pretty, but that is not the look you are going for here. You have to be willing to go bold but in a softer way. Try out new colors and experiment with palettes that change your eyes before you.


  • As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. It takes experience to apply makeup in the right manner. However, starting off with the right tips sends you well on your way to brighter, bigger, and more beautiful eyes.

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