Eyebrow Transplants — Pros and Cons


This is a world where achieving almost anything is possible if you want it bad enough, just look at Little Kim. Looking flawless is not just for the starlit anymore. You can also achieve any look you want, and a lot of people are getting eyebrow restoration to do just that.

Still, before we do anything let alone have hair restoration surgery on our face, knowing the pros and cons is a must! Are there risks or side effects? Well, I have put together a little list for you to look over so you can be the judge of whether or not eyebrow restoration will be good for you.

Pros are short but quite relative.

The density of your eyebrows will be far more improved. Eyebrow restoration can also enhance the physical appearance of your face.

With any procedure there are cons.

With eyebrow restoration the cons are more side effect centered than permanent. Going over all of the side effects with your surgeon is essential, and having made sure there credentials check out is also very important.

You will have to trim your eyebrows every couple of weeks. Crusting can occur for up to 6 weeks. Some swelling immediately after can occur and last for up to a week. You will have to have time off of work and decline cocktails at your favorite happy hour spot for a few days.

There is about a 10% chance you will go through this and the hair doesn’t grow. Micro scars will be present at the transplant site. Other than minimal swelling and some redness in the first week however, most transplants are quite successful.

Should I consider eyebrow tattooing instead?

Well, it depends. If you are going for a natural look then no. I would go with restoration.

While eyebrow transplantation is not a major surgery there will be some discomfort and recovery time to be considered. If you have a good surgeon the eyebrows are shaped specifically for your face, and the hairs are places to touch up of do a full eyebrow. It is done according to your own personal needs and priced accordingly.

Unlike tattooing transplantation uses follicular units and creates a very natural and permanent solution. You can enhance or fully restore your eyebrows.

As with any cosmetic procedure thorough research on the surgeon and office is vital. If you can look at before and after results of former patients that is invaluable. Look at the pros and cons carefully and make plans for the upcoming surgery as well as recovery time. You should also see that it is in your budget, and never take the cheap alternative.

This is something that cannot be undone. If you are not 110% positive then you should wait. If you are not absolutely comfortable with the surgeon then you should wait. They should take their time with you answering any questions and explain the full procedure to you. If a surgeon is trying to “sell you” on the procedure without also explaining cons then you may want to reevaluate the options.

Eyebrow transplantation is not dangerous, but there is always a risk of something going wrong from scarring to the transplant not taking. You should hope for the best, but make sure that you understand whatever happens cannot be undone. Normally scarring is micro and very minimal. Swelling after surgery normally resides within a week as does any redness.

At the end of the day this is the most natural procedure, it does have minimal risks and it can be quite affordable. This is a surgery with a very high success rate.