First Date: What Your First Date Food Order Says About You

First Date Food

What you order on a first date can make a lasting impression. Make sure your menu choice reflects who you are. Heaven forbid you order a side salad if you’re really more of a french fries girl! If you order:

Salad: You’re a people pleaser. You just want people to like you. So for this reason, you are very kind and empathetic. You’re sweet and feminine.  You get along with most people but you can sometimes be a pushover. Your ideal first date is something classic and traditional. Maybe dinner and a movie?

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Pasta: At your core, you are sophisticated and classy. You’re a lady through and through. You sexily slurp spaghetti through your lips to win over your date without getting a drop of sauce on your tasteful outfit. You read Vogue and own more than a few shades of red lipstick. Your perfect first date would be a wine tasting or an evening at the theater.


Fish: You’re adventurous! You fearlessly pursue your goals and cannot stay in one place. You love to travel and consider yourself a free spirit. Your nature-loving Instagram in on point! Your ideal first date probably includes a hike or a walk on the beach.


Chicken: You enjoy the simple things in life. Your man doesn’t need to spend a lot of money to impress you or pretend to be something he’s not. You are 100% genuine and you look for that quality in others. You love to laugh and can easily poke fun at yourself. Your smile is contagious. A perfect first date for you would be a picnic or cooking a nice meal at home together.


Steak: You ooze sex appeal. What man could resist a lady seductively biting into a well-cooked steak? You can walk confidently in sky-high stilettos without so much as a stumble. You’ve got it going on and you know it! Pick a romantic first date like a candlelit dinner.


Burger: You do not give a damn what other people think and you never have. If you want to wear a faux fur vest and rain boots, you’ll do it. Your style is laidback and comfortable and you’re not afraid to speak your mind. Your perfect first date is somewhere quirky and fun like a sports game or a comedy club.


Dessert: You’re indulgent and confident. If you want something, you go out and get it. By the end of your first date, you are not afraid to tell him exactly how you feel. You’ll probably be the one to initiate your first kiss outside the door of your apartment. Shy is not a word people would use to describe you.