Fitness Freak: Tips When Exercising On Your Period

Tips When Exercising On Your PeriodWhen you are on your period things can get a little crazy. Still, you do not want to skip your exercises, so what do you do? It mainly comes down to a few common sense do’s and do not’s. Here are some tips and good products that may help you. The one thing that you don’t want to do is let it hold you back.

You have to be protected. Wear good feminine hygiene products, and make sure that they are fresh when you start your workout routine. You also want to avoid using powders and perfumes down below because this could lead to a nasty infection. The trick is to stay clean and keep refreshed.

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You may want to consider an elastic exercise belly band for the bloating. It will also help you. They help remove water wait and offer needed support. They also disguise those unsightly bulges that seem to appear out of nowhere. You will be surprised at the difference they make, and no one is the wiser.

If you double up, meaning wear a pad and tampon), don’t weal leggings or spandex without shorts. Keep in mind that pads can give you a rash, so a tampon should suffice. A thin pad that is super absorbent like a panty liner is ok if you are a heavy bleeder. Exercise can cause bleeding to become heavier as you gain more and more action or movement. If you are at the gym for a lengthy amount of time go check your “protection” to assure that you stay clean and accident free. It is always good to be overzealous rather than chance a biohazard at the gym.

Wear dark colors just in case. Accidents happen. If this unfortunate even does occur, make sure you wipe down any surfaces with the provided antiseptic sprays in the gym immediately. Wear your darkest colors on for privacy purposes. It can really save you from taking a totally different kind of walk of shame. This never ends well, unlike the other one.

Eat Greek yogurt and use a good feminine hygiene wash. Make sure you change your tampon immediately before exercising, and immediately after. That is unless you are showering at the gym. It should wait then until showering has been finished. You have to keep other people in mind.

Shower at home if you can. This is more comfortable for you, and it keeps embarrassing revelations from occurring. This is also more hygienic for others who use the gym showers. It is a common curtesy. If you have to shower at the gym, leave your tampon in until you are done and change afterwards ladies.

Take a chill pill. Midol helps with bloating and pain as well as some mood swings. Why not? If you are not that into Midol try an over the counter pain medication. There is no shame in this. Our periods can really be taxing, and when you throw exercise on top of it you may really ay the price if you don’t take that pain reliever ahead of your workout.

Do the minimal workout. You should not be doing acrobats while you are on your period. Try the elliptical or the treadmill and maybe some stair climbing equipment instead of Zumba bad Palliates. You do not always have to be super active or push hard to get a good workout. Take this week out of the month to moderately exercise and you will feel better for having made the adjustment. Maybe hold off on the weight training which could cause you to strain and bleed heavily all at once. When this happens the tampon can’t absorb it all that fast and leakage may occur.

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Some women decide working out at home is their best option when they are on their cycle, but you do not have to let your menstrual issues hold you back. Go out there and live! Exercise, but just use good sense about how and what you do. You will live freer and be a whole lot happier when you stop letting Mother Nature take control. This is your life, so get out there and live it!