Four Mistakes You’re Making with Your Online Dating Profile Photo

online dating mistakes

You’ve decided to delve into the world of online dating. You’re pretty excited and hope that you can find someone you can really vibe with. However, you’re starting to panic now because your inbox is still empty and there are no dates anywhere in site. Did you ever think that you are possibly committing some of the big no-no’s when it comes to your profile photo? Could those potential dates be glancing over you because you aren’t standing out?

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While we all know you are beautiful, smart, and talented, the rest of the world hasn’t had the opportunity to get to know you on such a personal level so you will need to make your profile pop and stand out. It can sound like a lot of rules to putting up the perfect profile picture, but you have to go with one main thing. Don’t be deceptive and don’t try to hide what you look like. Be proud of your beautiful face and body!

Here are four mistakes that you could be making with your online dating profile photo:

You got a little too happy with Photoshop and filters. Many guys prefer girls with normal looking photos. When I mean normal, I mean photos that look like you. Sure we may want to have flawless skin and beautiful teeth but if the filter you are using is making you three times tanner than normally are, that can pose as a problem. Instead of posting a super professional looking glam shot of yourself, stick to a photo that truly looks like you.

All your photos are of group shots or with a lot of guy friends. If your profile photo is your favorite photo of you and your girlfriends, you can definitely expect to get bypassed on a dating site. You may love the photo but to a stranger they can’t even tell which girl is you! So ditch making the group shot your main profile pic.

Now if you decide to make your main pic a shot of you with guys, it’s an automatic turnoff. Potential dates may think that you’re a big flirt and that they will have to deal with a lot of competition. No guy wants to worry about competition with strangers they don’t even know. Also scratch any photos of you with a guy who could potentially look like an ex-boyfriend. Potential daters won’t take the time to figure out he’s your fabulous gay B.F.F.L.

There is no close up photo of your face. You may want to show off your hot bod but guys want to know what your face looks like too. Some may think you have something to hide or lack confidence because you can’t put up a close photo of yourself. This can be said for any blurry photos who put up as well. Guys don’t want to start a conversation with a woman if they feel she’s already being deceptive on her profile.

You crop your body out of your photos or use the dreaded “MySpace” angles. You have to mix it up. Don’t just post pictures of your face, but have some full length photos of your body as well. Guys want to know what you look like, from head to toe and not worry that you’re hiding what you really look like. Imagine the horror or surprise if you hit it off with a guy online and he finds that you don’t look anything like your cropped photos when you two finally meet in person. Think about how you would feel if it were done to you.