Girl Code 101: Don’t Play Yourself By Warring With Other Women Over A Man

There are many talk shows out there, and also reality TV shows, that show two women fighting over one man. They both stand up, they start shoving one another, or in some cases, start throwing things at one another, and then suddenly the fight is on. But really, why are women fighting over, and the bigger question is, why are they acting like this over a man? The truth is that women should not go to war with another woman over a man for the following reasons.

A Matter of Self-Respect

Honestly, women who are fighting over a man need to stop and think about what this kind of battle is doing to their self-respect. There is a old saying about there being plenty of fish in the sea, and that is the truth. Is there a man in this world that is really worth being at war with another woman? The definition of self-respect is pride, confidence, and a feeling that one is behaving with both honor and dignity, and being at war with someone over a man goes against this very definition. How honorable is it to resort to name calling and other insults? Take a step back and look at the situation, and is anyone really worth destroying self-respect by behaving in a less than dignified way?

The Man Is Enjoying the Attention

What two women who are at war need to remember is not only are they behaving in a less than dignified manner, but what about the man they are fighting over? They need to think about the man, with a big smile on his face, because he is enjoying the fact that two women are fighting over him. Talk about an ego stroke for any man! Here there are two women who are using words, and possibly their fists, over the one man, and that is giving him quite an ego boost because he is getting the attention of not just the two women at war over him, but anyone else that is a witness to this battle.

Trust Will Be Destroyed

Even if one woman finally does win the man in the end, what kind of victory will it really be? There was another woman involved in the relationship and that should spell the end of any trust that the winning woman has with the man she was fighting with another woman over. What if the man has the wandering eye again? Or if the man does something to encourage another woman, or lead her on that he may be single and available, which is not the truth at all? If another woman was involved in a relationship between two people, then there is questionable trust, and the fact that the trust has been shaken may make the woman want to rethink whether or not she truly won anything once the dust has settled.

Everyone loves to watch TV talk shows, and reality shows, because sometimes two women will get into a verbal, or sometimes physical, confrontation over one man. There is nothing more exciting, to some viewers, then to see two women get into it over a very silly reason. However, is that really the way that two grown women should behave? Whether it’s on TV or not, two women should not be fighting over a man because there is no man worth behaving in such a manner. Women need to remember their self-respect, their honor, pride, and dignity, and then ask themselves the question, is any man really worth all of this? The answer they get back from their own conscience, and their instincts, may be quite surprising because the answer may very well be no.