Girl Pleeesee! 5 Ways to Deal with Office Gossip without Choking Your Co-worker

Not every woman likes to gossip or hear gossip at work. Believe it or not some ladies do not like the drama and negativity, and they just want to get through the day in a positive way. It never fails when you are kin your happy place here comes “big mouth Betty.” After a while that gets old, and even the most docile of individuals start to reach their boiling point. So how do you deal with all of the office gossip without losing your composure?

It happens in all work settings.

Quitting your job will only be a temporary fix. This is because every workplace has that one gossip. You have to work on how you respond and managing the negative emotions that your office gossip is evoking. Running from it will do no good, and you will have been the one who lost, because all of your hard work will be down the drain.

How do you deal with the drama and gossip?

While not everyone wants to be included in the jaunts and hot scoops, a lot of people cannot simply come out and say “I do not want to hear this mess.” The best you can hope for is to keep your own business out of the loop. This means talking nothing about your life outside of work, ever, and to anyone.

It is important not to take part in the nonsense. After all, these are real people with real feelings and everyone has something to lose. People’s lives are at stake. Whether it is malicious or not, gossip can do a lot of damage. It only do you have to avoid taking part in it, but at some point you may have to take a stand.

You do not want to run to your boss with every little thing, and you certainly do not want to jeopardize your job. Still, consistent gossip can borderline workplace bullying. When that happens, you have to go through the proper channels and speak up. At some point it becomes a question of morals. Furthermore, work has enough challenges without someone always adding to the burden. No one needs that type of negativity on a daily basis, so if your boss doesn’t address it then you may have to go higher. However, if it is a problem you may have to act accordingly. If it is not that bad, and no one is being truly affected then make it clear by words or actions that you have no interest in the conversation and keep moving. Nonparticipation and sometimes downright ignoring the gossip is the best way to nip in in the bud. For example, when he or she comes up to you and says “do you know what Sally did” you come back with “ Did you get those copies done for the meeting this morning” or “how is that project you are working on going?”

If all else fails you may have to tell the gossip that you really do not want to be involved in the nonsense as politely as possible, yet be prepared to be the topic of their discussions for days. Look at it like this, when they are bothering you then they are leaving someone else alone.

Keeping an upbeat and positive outlook can really help to combat the negativity that a gossip will bring. Practice makes perfect. Eventually being a positive force will become second nature. We can take anything, even negativity, and make it positively work for us. In the meantime it is mostly about how we allow things to affect us, and what we settle or stand up for that makes the difference. After all, the only thing we can control is ourselves and our reactions. Choose your battles wisely, and when it gets tough keep your hands in your pockets.