Girl! What are the Best Tools for Nose Hair Trimming?

how to trim nose hairThere it is. Those unsightly nose hairs, threatening to peak out at any moment. So how do you deal with it? Simple, you just trim it! A little snip here, a little snip there and you’re all set. Or if you want an easier method, you can always use a trimmer. These two are the most common methods to remove nose hairs. Whatever you do, it is advised that you do not choose to tweeze out your nose hairs. Those tiny little hairs, as annoying as they can be, are in your nasal passage to protect your lungs from unknown and harmful air borne particles. Not to mention, tweezing is extremely painful! So which method is right for you? Keep reading to see the difference between using scissors and trimmers.


Chances are you have scissors already laying around. However, choosing the right type of scissor is highly important. It’s best for you to choose smaller scissors. For example, cuticle scissors are ideal to get into your nostrils.

Before you trim your nose hairs, make sure to disinfect your scissors with rubbing alcohol. Once your scissors are sterilized, make sure to trim your hair in a well-lit room. It’s also ideal if you have a magnifying mirror as it will allow you to see more closely than you would with the naked eye. Remember, you pose certain dangers such as poking or cutting yourself even with tiny cuticle scissors.

Now you don’t need to get all up in your nostrils to trim your hairs. With scissors it’s best for you to just trim any ones that are sticking out. There’s no need for you to go up in there girl! Unless you’re expecting someone to look up your nose, just take the time and cut the really noticeable ones.


Trimmers are the safest and easiest way to go. The blades of the trimmer are guarded as to ensure you do not cut yourself. Also, all you are require to do is stick the trimmer in your nose and let it go to work. It’s pretty easy-peasy.

Another important thing to note is that trimmers are made to prevent accidental hair pulling (cause that will really hurt, and perhaps scar you for life). It is best when looking for a trimmer that you find one that is a reputable brand with decent reviews. You have to make sure you do your research! Some brands may be reputable, but it doesn’t mean the trimmer is specifically made for you. For example, you may have smaller nostrils and a trimmer with a thicker circumference would not be ideal for you.

Another benefit of purchasing a trimmer is how much time it saves. If you find that you don’t have the time to meticulously trim your nose hairs, a trimmer is definitely ideal. With a trimmer you can spend minutes, even seconds to trim all your nose hairs. Great for us girls who are always on the go!

When it comes to the price of a trimmer, the prices range from 10 to 25 dollars. It’s a reasonable price with a bunch of benefits. Not only will you have a trimmed nose, you will also save lots of time.

Who Wins?

This answer truly depends on who you ask. If you prefer to take your time and prefer to be more meticulous with your grooming, then trimming with scissors will be the winner. However, if you prefer not to spend your time staring at your nostrils in a magnifying mirror, then trimmers will be your best option. It has no fuss and no special requirements needed.