He Wants a Personal Nude Pic: Is it Even Worth it to Take Nude Photos?

Sexting rules

Your man has asked you to send a nude photo of yourself. What do you do? You’ve heard all the horror stories of how a girl’s nude photos somehow ended up on the internet and help but wonder if you could fall victim to the same scenario. So many things can go wrong when it comes to nudies and you don’t want a simple photo to haunt your life forever. So what do you do?

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Now this article isn’t here to shame anyone. It’s your own right to express your sexuality and if you want to take nude photos of yourself, then that is your prerogative. There is plenty of the population who enjoy expressing their body as a form of art and take nude photos of themselves. It’s just up to you if you want to share these photos.

Keep reading if you want to know some of the pros and cons of taking nude photos and also some of the consequences these photos may have.

Don’t take the photo if you are being forced. No one should even make you feel obligated to take a nude photo of yourself. If your man wants one from you and you aren’t comfortable with it, say no. It’s your body and your right if you want to say no. He should understand your point of view and not push the issue. If he can’t stop himself from pestering you about the nude photo, perhaps you should decide if he’s someone you want to be with.

If you do want to exchange nude photos, make yours nondescript. With the internet, there is always a chance your photo may somehow end up on the internet. The best way to protect yourself, besides not taking them, is to make your photos nondescript. This means when taking the nude selfie, don’t show your face. Also make sure your background isn’t recognizable and that any of your tattoos or any birthmarks are not displayed either. Lastly, do not send your photo from any of your social media websites. This means no Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You don’t want it to be traced back to your account.

Know that once you hit “send” you risk your photos being exposed. I don’t mean that your boyfriend will go and show all his buddies your nudes but once it’s out in internet land, you have a chance, even if it’s slight it’s still a chance that your photos may be found. This is why it’s best to always make sure you are not recognizable to anyone else.

Consider different options than a full nudie. Let’s say you want to send your man a sexy photo but don’t to commit to being fully naked, there are other alternatives. Send him a photo of you in some sexy lingerie (having your face in it is up to you) or send him a photo of his favorite body part. Does he love your legs? Sport your sexiest heels and snap a pic of that. Often times, getting creative will be more fun that sending a full nude of yourself.

Your past decisions should not reflect your current or future ones. If you’ve taken nude photos in the past and have come to regret it, don’t feel that you should change your view to satisfy one man. Again if you aren’t comfortable with it, he should accept that. If he cares at all about your feelings, he will understand why you aren’t comfortable and move on. Don’t ever let anyone harass or embarrass you because of the decisions you made in the past.