Here’s 5 Reasons Why Pregnancy Makes Women Glow

Being pregnant comes with a fair share of conflicting emotions. On one hand you are happy that there is a life growing inside of you and on the other hand you are frustrated because your waistline is disappearing, stretch marks start to appear and your abdomen in swelling. These are pregnancy blues which are hard to deal with in the first trimester. You deal with morning sickness, constant exhaustion and tender breasts among other things which will make you dislike being pregnant.

The second trimester is easier because people start to clearly see the reason you were putting on weight. Nevertheless pregnancy has its own beauty bonuses which leave you feeling great and looking great. Pregnant women will experience a pregnancy glow during the second trimester of the pregnancy. The skin starts to brighten up.

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5 Reasons why you experience the pregnancy glow?

1. During pregnancy a woman will produce lots of hormones which are responsible for the glow. It is at this time that the blood volume is increased and together with the production of Human Chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) they leave the skin lust worthy. Since the blood volume has increases there is an increase in more blood vessels which are now fuller leaving you with a flush look.

2. At the same time the progesterone which regulates body functions is coupled with the HCG to increase the secretion of oil through the facial gland. This will give you a smoother, brighter look.

3. When one is in love oxytocin is produced and it is the love hormone. During pregnancy this same hormone increases and is responsible for the buildup of a bond between the baby and the mother. This hormone gives people nice feelings and a pregnant woman will feel nice about it. It will cause biochemical changes in the brain and change ones perception of things. A woman will be feeling all nice knowing that the pregnancy is well.

4. Eating clean and healthy diets. Highly sugary foods and foods with high saturated fats are not good for your skin. Once you are pregnant health practitioners encourage women to cut on high sugar food and high saturated fatty food and replace them with some healthy clean foods which will be beneficial to the growth of the baby in the womb. These foods do not only help your baby but they will boost your skin to be glowing from the inside. Such foods include veggies, nuts, fish, fresh fruits and avocados; which are also very helpful in fighting the bacteria responsible for acne from the inside. So you want to have the pregnancy glow watch your diet.

5. Taking lots of water and having plenty of sleep. Water is the widest used agent for detoxification. You will be required to take lots of water because the body will be retaining lots of water. Give your body lots of water so that it does not retain water contaminated with toxins which are harmful to the skin. If you are deprived of sleep it shows on your skin. The skin needs plenty of rest so that it can rejuvenate itself. So you need to sleep and rest more so that the glow is maintained. Rest takes out stress which will cause a strain on your skin. So when you are pregnant avoid situations that will cause you to be stressed as it will mess up with your skin.

Not all women will experience this glow; some will experience a downside of the same hormones. For example some women experience acne when the progesterone increases the oil that causes acne. Women with dry skin will not worry about this much but women with skin prone to acne will see the oil clog pores leading to persistent pimples and they risk having bacteria being trapped in the pores. The body retains all the fluid it can in the body so as to make room for it. So the fluids might have toxins which will affect the skin.

The increase of blood volume and the rise of hormones can cause brown patches on the face and neck. These patches are known as Melasma.

Before, during and after the glow you need to practice good skin care tips for you to be ever glowing. Everybody loves a glowing skin.