He’s Hot. He’s Sexy: 6 Reasons Never to Date a Friend’s Ex

Dating your friends ex should never even be a thought in your head, and if a friend does it to you good riddance. This is simply unacceptable, and it is the one rule that there is absolutely no exception to. Look, she may say that she is cool with it, but trust and believe that it is not ok. Even your other friends will lose trust in you, and you will always be watched around future boyfriends. The thing is, most girls who go forward with dating their friends ex loses friends and don’t get the guy in the end. It is not worth it. Here are 6 reasons why dating a friends ex is always a bad idea.

1. She says it is cool but it isn’t.

This is not ok especially if she still has or did have feelings for him. Even if she didn’t it is a code violation that signals that you are not really trustworthy around the guys that she will like in the future. The principle alone is enough to be damaging. Anything that was considered exclusive qualifies. If she went out with a guy one time that she was head over heals for he qualifies. A couple of dates with a guy that didn’t click are a safe zone if you are positive there was nothing at all clicking and she is cool. If you ever seen her excited over hooking up with him, leave him alone. This is just not something that friends do, ever. There are really no exceptions according to girl code.

2. It is a betrayal of trust so deep that it ripples through other friendships.

Other friends will be as harsh or harsher that she will. This is against everything that girl code stands for; as a matter of fact, it is like breaking a commandment.    This is a violation that one never truly comes back from. As quiet as it is kept people will look at you and fell about you differently than they once did. Even if they are nice to your face they will talk about you, a lot.

3.  Most guys see it as a challenge or a way to get at her, so he could be using you.

Guys can be real charmers, but even a cobra can be charmed. Look, guys can be real sneaky. He may have you convinced that there is something real there, but no guy worth having is going to break up a real friendship. You have to be prepared that he may be toying with her, or he may be using you as a challenge, as in: “how many of her hot friends can I date?” These are not guys worth having let alone losing friendships for.

4. You won’t ever be trusted after violating girl code on this level.

This is like the unspoken rule that no one that is worth having in your circles will violate. Most girls are so shocked when it happens because it was though impossible. This is a breach of trust on the highest level next to cheating with a current boyfriend.

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5. What kind of friend considers that?

No real friend would consider dating real friends ex no matter how charming he may be. If you are considering that then you may want to take a look at yourself and think about what is really more important, because the chances of you keeping your friend and landing the guy is not really in your favor. She may pretend to be cool as long as she can, but it will get award, and there will be a weird jealousy there in most cases. It would be next to impossible for even a BFF friendship since grade school to survive this.

6. It is rarely worth it.

If you have thought all of these things through, but you are still hell bent on dating this guy don’t be played for the fool. There is a good chance that you will come out a changes person. Socially it will be damaging, and there is a good chance some friends will stop speaking to you all together over the scandal.