Hmm! Why Do Women Shave Their Eyebrows, Just to Draw Them on Again

draw their eyebrows

It’s an enigma to men. Why do you women with perfectly, beautiful eyebrows shave them off just to draw them back on? Truly what is the point in doing this extra step when they have full, thick brows to begin with? It’s a trend that has baffled men and women alike.

The phenomenon of shaved eyebrows has dated back to ancient Egyptian times where it was said that Pharaohs would shave their eyebrows as a sign of mourning. In more contemporary times, Hollywood starlets like Jean Harlow were known for their fantastic drawn on brows. While it’s something not many people see or do, the process of shaving brows is something that does occur.

Some women prefer to shave their eyebrows and draw them back on because it allows them to be creative. Women who love to play with makeup enjoy creating different brow shapes to accompany different looks. For example, if she wants to do a sultry, smoky eye, she can draw on beautifully arched brows that could top off the look. If she’s going for a more natural look, she can draw on fuller brows to give a more youthful appearance to her face. Trying to create certain brow shapes with the brows she already has can mess with the outcome and vision of she truly wants them to look like. It can be time consuming but it can also be a process she enjoys greatly.

There are people who suffer from trichotillomania, a disorder that impels a person to either pull or shave off their hair. Now this doesn’t mean every woman who shaves her eyebrows has this disorder, but there are some that might. Trichotillomania is often caused by stress or depression and those who have the disorder and are dealing with a difficult time in the life may pull out their hair to relieve the stress.

Some women just want to shave their brows because it’s less of a hassle than getting them waxed or threaded at a salon every other week. Those with thick brows probably need to do weekly in order to maintain their brow shape and some women might find it too expensive of a grooming habit. So instead, they just shave them off.

While shaving and drawing on brows is a bit of a trend lately, it does need to be noted that more and more women are now starting to enjoy the fuller brown look. According to fashion magazine and beauty gurus, fuller brows emulates youth, something that probably all women want. Thin brows tend to look harsher and at times make a woman look mean so many try to avoid the look now.

Grooming habits can be a weird topic to talk about. Just like each unique person, their grooming habits can be unique as well. If your partner is a woman who shaves her eyebrows and draws them back on, enjoy her creativity and see what new looks she’ll surprise you with.