Hookahs, It’s Trendy and Smells Nice: Silent Killer or Cool Trend?

The world if full of hip new things that us baby boomers did not have. From Pokemon Go to e-cigs and the hookah. These all come with their own set of unique risks though. It is always fun to meet up with friends at the local happy hour spot and hang out. However nowadays hookah smoking has become all the rage.This is not new, but it is trending now more than ever. They are safer and they smell better but are hookahs posing a serious health threat?

I would say that hookahs can be pretty nasty if you take in the whole picture. There are too many unknowns and quite a few things that are concrete that backs the fact that it is just another nasty habit to break, If you can avoid ever getting started, all the better. Look, there is peer pressure no matter your age, but do you really want to get tangled into something that could make you very sick?

Let’s take a look at the facts here.

Hookahs are basically water pipes that heat your favorite flavored tobacco up in a cool little bowl. The smoke then filters through the cool waters that is in the base. It is then drawn up through rubber hoses into the mouth. From there it heads to the lungs. It is a no brainer that it is going to have some effects on the body from that point.

Hookahs are also known as hubble-bubble, arghileh, goza, shisha’s and narghile’s. This has been around for centuries, and they actually originated in middle eastern countries. In today’s western metropolitan they are a raging trend especially among young folks.

While many people think this is a safer method of taking in tobacco, the hookah tobacco is just that, tobacco. It has all of the same toxins and poisons as traditional cigarettes. The water in the hookah does nothing to filter out any of these toxins. As a matter of fact 60 minutes of hookah usage can be the equivalent of 200 times the smoke volume vs traditional cigarettes. This means extremely high exposure to things like carbon monoxide, tar, carcinogens and other toxic compounds that are all linked to lung cancer. There is also the risk of heart disease,respiratory illness and low birth rates.

Something else people fail to think about is the cleanliness of the hookah itself. If not cleaned correctly when shred diseases like herpes and other infectious illnesses can be spread. Anything from a cold to the flu and even mono can easily be spread through a hookah. Gross!

Hookahs are as dangerous as cigarettes and must be used in moderation if at all. Seems like marijuana still wins hands down as the only organic smoking that is safer than the mainstream preferences to date.

Look, the down low is that hookahs are no safer than traditional cigarettes. The fact is neither is vpng at all. As a matter of fact anytime you put something foreign into your body it is bound to have adverse side effects. Our bodies are finely tunes machines. We would not put diesel in our ferrarie so why put tobacco in our bodies?Fact is hookah tobacco is as addicting if not more so due to the volume being taken in as cigarette tobacco. Once you are addicted to nicotine it is a bad situation physically and mentally. Trying to kick that habit has both mental and physical effects. It i no joke at all. If you are thinking of trying out a hookah party I would personally pass.