How Do You Want It: What your man’s go-to sex position says about his personality

man's go-to sex position

Seems like studies are showing that the way a man does the hanky panky says a lot about him. So, are you a play it safe kinda guy, or do you get a little crazy in the sack?

Take missionary for instance. A guy who prefers this is a person who wants to just keep it simple. This is not an experimental guy, and he isn’t the wild crazy one in the bedroom. Many times he will be the one who likes eye contact and to really feel connected to his partner. This has been a position unfortunately is labeled as boring, and it is not that at all. The missionary position is one that says there is a very emotionally charged intimacy and a sensual bond between you and your partner.

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Now we have the guy that likes to gal on top. He likes to let go of a little control, and he may be the one that likes a bit of domination. Guys are also very visual so this is putting you in the perfect position. He may be the same guy that wants you to leave the light on. He don’t mind letting his girl take the reigns. He likes a confident woman who isn’t scared to just let go with him.

What your man's go-to sex position says about his personality

What about spooning? This is the favorite position of a hopeless romantic. A guy who really wants that skin to skin contact, to feel her heart beat, smell her hair. This is an individual with absolute trust in his partner. He likes it slow and sensual, and he likes it to last.

Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay, doggie style! This guy likes to slap the booty every now and again, and he may even pull a little hair if you let him. He can be slow and sensual but then he likes it a little rough if you let him take it there. This is the one that’s out for some excitement and may even switch up positions on you a couple of times before the final finale. He is the more dominate guy. He would love a girl who would be confident going from doggy to reverse cowgirl in a room full of mirrors!

Sexual positions can tell alot about a guy, but really listening and watching will tell you more. Simply trying to judge him by positioning alone can shut you off to a lot of things. How does he kiss? Does he like pillow talk? Does he leave immediately following sex? See, a lot of times women don’t realize the sexual experience is not simply the onset and end of penetration or positioning. Is he quiet? Controlling? Reserved?

Paying attention to what kind of guy you’re pleasing helps you to do just that, please him. It assists you in knowing what he expects from you, and if you are not comfortable with his antics then you had best not get serious. While he would try to adjust his wants and needs for you it may not be possible for an extended amount of time. For instance, Mr. Wild and Crazy won’t be happily married to a hard core missionery style lady year after year without straying at least mentally. You want to know that you mesh well, so really watching early on in the sexual onset will save you a lot of time and trouble on whether or not the two of you are a true fit. Whoever said sex wasn’t everything was right, but it is a hell of a lot, so you had better pay attention.