How to Ace a Manicure at Home

give yourself a manicure at home

Whether you’re an amateur artist or a professional painter, you can create stunning and unique nail art designs without leaving your home. Follow these easy tips for envy-inducing polishing patterns for every skill level.


You’re looking for an upgrade from your basic manicure but you feel like you get nail polish all over your fingers (and hands and phone and dog) every time you try something new. Look no further! This manicure upgrade is simple but trendy.

Polish all your nails the same color (my personal favorite is a bright pink) but leave your ring fingers on both hands unpolished. Paint the nails your ring fingers a different color (I suggest white or gold glitter if you’re feeling more daring).

Embellish this trendy design by adding a simple pattern with a nail polish pencil (available at most drug stores for less than $10). Dot on some polka dots or add some sleek stripes to the nails on your ring finger. Seal up each nail with some shiny topcoat and you’re good to go.

This eye-catching manicure will look salon quality. But that fact that you DIY-ed in, can be your little secret!



The reverse French manicure may look like a challenge but in reality, it’s rather simple. To begin you’ll need 2 colors of nail polish, topcoat, binder-hole reinforcements (available at any office supply store), and a bit of patience.

Polish all of your nails with the color you want to show nearest to your cuticle. Let this coat dry thoroughly. Do not begin the next step until you’re completely sure the first coat has dried. Next place the hole-reinforcements over your cuticles so that it covers a crescent shaped section on each nail. Be cautious to make sure each crescent shape is approximately the same size. After that, paint on your second color and let it dry. When you’re sure the polish has dried, remove the hole-reinforcements and apply a healthy layer of topcoat for extra shine!



If you’ve mastered the beginner and intermediate styles and you feel ready to take on another nail art challenge, prepare yourself for some chevron pattern nail art.

There are 2 ways to do this, one is simpler but requires more materials while the second is a bit more challenging but only requires a steady hand and a paintbrush.

For the first technique, you’ll need to paint your nails all one color and let them dry. After that use scissors that cut a zigzag pattern to create try chevron-shaped strips of clear tape. Apply these strips to each nail and polish over them. Allow second color to dry and remove tape strips to reveal your perfect chevron manicure.

For the second technique, after painting your nails with your first color, use the tip of a very thin paint brush to mark off the peaks of each chevron line. Once these tiny dots have dried, use the paintbrush to connect the dots and form the zigzag lines.

No matter your skill level, you can create beautiful nail art this season!