How To Attract Men In A Way That They Can’t Resist

How to Attract Men in a Way that They Can’t Resist

So, you’re a lovely person, but you can’t figure out why men are not crawling out of the woodwork to be with you. How to get a boyfriend? Follow these suggestions below for a few good ways to make yourself irresistible to men.

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Dress the Part

When you go out, make sure you are dressing in the most eye-catching outfit you have. This means lots of color, no solid black or white, and not too conservative. You don’t want to show too much if you’re going for a relationship (if you want a one night stand, feel free!), and you don’t want to show too little if you are not attending church afterward. Find something that shows off your personality, and your assets, but definitely stay within your comfort zone.

Sit By Yourself

If you are at a nightclub, or a bar, make sure to not have a crowd of your girlfriends around you. It can be daunting for a man to come over and ask a girl if she wants a drink when her friends are scanning his appearance, and just sniffing for weakness. So, if you want a man to approach you, try leaving the friends at home for a while and coming out to have a drink by yourself. That way, you give the impression that you want company.

Show Your Fun-Loving Side

Be willing to show that you can be wild and hit the dance floor. Dance like no one’s watching! Ok, maybe not like no one’s watching, we want to attract men, not scare them. If you are comfortable with being the pursuer, maybe strike up a conversation with a man yourself. If you need a few drinks beforehand, have at it! Show them that you are confident, and go after what you want. That can be hugely sexy.

Keep a Smile On

Men will approach someone who is approachable. Make sure to smile, and look like you are having a good time while sipping your drink. If you look as if you are going to make a sardonic comment about how the man performs sexually, he will be less likely to come up to you. Rejection hurts. So, if you want to score, make sure that you appear welcoming.

Keep Some Mystery about You

When a man comes over to talk to you, don’t be an open book. For example, don’t immediately tell him that you just left a bad relationship or anything to personal right off the bat. This will turn anyone off. Tell him what you think he needs to know, subtly inviting him to explore you. Give him a reason to want to know more about you, and give chase.

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These tips should certainly land you some male interest. Just make sure that you are approachable, nicely dressed, and friendly. Men will come up to you. From there, talk to them, and then, you are free to judge if his motives jive with yours. Have fun with it!