How to Clear Clogged Pubic Pores


Have you ever experienced breakouts in the pubic area, pimples, blackheads or plugs from clogged pores? If you have you know it can range from painful to itchy and it is always embarrassing. This is embarrassing, sure. Still, you should meet with your doctor to rule out bacteria, STD’s and other infections that could require medications.

Clogged pores in the pubic area can be a real pain, literally. This is an issue that many people have and no one wants to admit. The thing is that clogging of the pores could be serious in the pubic area, because it could be a bacterial issue. This could also be associated with anxiety, medication side effects, stress or imbalances with the hormones. Though the issue can be embarrassing, you may have to consult your doctor. There are some things that you can try at home first though.

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Knowing the cause will help you treat the issue. Sometimes it is as simple as the way you shaved. Regardless of the nature, pimples and clogged pores in the pubic area come from blockages caused by the fusion of dead cells and sebum as well as a number of other things like grime, dirt and sweat.

When you have a blocked pore otherwise known as a “plug” you can treat it much the same way that you would a plug anywhere else. For instance, soaking in a warm soapy bath for 30 minutes followed by tea tree compresses for 15 minutes and a gentle squeeze will unclog the pore in most cases.

What you can do at Home for Pubic Area Pores that Become Clogged

You want to keep the pubic area as clean and dry as possible. This is essential seeing as bacteria breed in warm and moist environments. You can use antibacterial and/or medicated soaps on the pubic area. Never use harsh soaps or perfumes on the area.

Lavender oil is a great alternative for treating the pubic area, and its antiseptic properties will help. Use 2 teaspoons of lavender oil and mix that along with another 3 drops of a good almond oil and mix them thoroughly before applying it to the pubic area. Never apply it without the alternative oil because it can lead to burning. Follow treatment with a tea tree oil compress. Do this three times a day until you see improvements. If there are no improvements then see your doctor. Avoid scratching because it could be made worse.

When drying the area pat it dry, and apply cornstarch before putting on your underwear. Your pubic area can also wash the pubic area with an apple cider vinegar. Lilac is another fantastic option to induce healing.

What to Avoid

Try to avoid razors, tweezing and waxing of the pubic area. Once healed all pubic hair should be removed or reduced. If problems persist it is important to see your doctor as medication may be needed or an illness may be the underlying issue.