How to Clear Pores and Body after a Workout?

Treating Your Acne Working out does not have to be a nightmare for people with skin that is prone to clogged pores and breakouts. We all know that working out is the best thing you can do for your body and your health, but it is difficult when skin issues interfere. There are some things that you can do to clear your pores after a workout and maintain a great looking appearance while maintaining your health!

Understanding Acne is the First Step

Knowing how acne forms is the first step to knowing how to prevent it. There are 3 contributing factors involved when it comes to acne. These are bacteria, dead skin cells and the overproduction of sebum.

Let’s say a hair follicle gets restricted or blocked by one or all of these. The clog will provide breeding grounds for bacteria and when you work out the sweat will enhance the growth of bacteria. Naturally, a break out is inevitable, so the answer is to prevent clogged pores in the first place.

Wash Your Face Often and Use Ivory Soap

After working out it is important to shower as soon as possible. Clean your face thoroughly using Ivory soap. You can use a homemade exfoliator on your body made from salt, but using baking soda or sugar is recommended for the facial exfoliator. There are some fantastic home remedies that are easy and simple and will free your skin of pesky clogs.

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Treating Your Acne is Important

You cannot just let acne go, and it is not a sentence. There are things that can be done to maintain clog free pores on a budget. After your workout and shower you can apply an acne medication or use some highly recommended home remedies to prevent sebum over production. Saylic acid is one inexpensive option that can be found in your local supercenter or drugstore. You may also contact your dermatologist if this doesn’t seem to be working for you.

Preventing Acne

There is more to it than managing acne. You want to prevent it too. Never use your hands to wipe away sweat during a workout. You should have a clean towel on hand for this. You should start your workout with a freshly washed face, and follow up with a shower and skin care routine to prevent acne. A dermatologist will have more solutions to those prone to really bad skin irritations, but most people will find relief with a good skin care routine.

You need to maintain a fresh face throughout the day and be mindful of the products that you use. Make sure you are washing your face 3 times every day, and using oil free products. Keep your hands off of your face, and make sure your pillowcases, cell phones and hair or anything else that may come into contact with your face is kept clean.

Also, alongside working out, treating and preventing acne and a strict skin care regimen there is also diet. Cut back on sugar and caffeine and eat healthy foods; this will also help you to have clear and beautiful skin.