How to Cope with Being Alone on Valentine’s Day

Some of us choose to be single and love it, while others are not so fond of the idea. For the people who prefer to have someone to share the day with holidays like Valentine’s Day can be quite depressing. It can be salvaged though, and this applies to even the most hopeless romantic who suddenly finds themselves dateless V-day.

Your single friends will be your lifeline if you are dateless on Valentine’s Day and if you don’t have any single friends then be your own valentine.

Get up and get moving. Do not allow yourself time to fall into a pity party. Go have a coffee, get your hair and nails done and spend the day in a relaxing mode of self-indulgence. You deserve it; after all, it is Valentine’s Day. Look at it like spending money on you that you do not have to spend on someone else. When you take this attitude you have lost nothing and gained a real treat.

Go ahead and hit those clearance racks. You can find yourself a sweet outfit for a steal! Think about what you want to do later that night and shop accordingly. Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time, shop around and enjoy the leisure time.

Start touching base with your single friends fairly early.

Do not agree to get with a couple for the evening. If they extend an invite they almost positively would be doing it out of loyalty or sympathy and it is likely they would rather spend V-day alone. Don’t hijack their romantic night by becoming a third wheel. This is always a bad idea, and it usually ends in feelings of awkwardness followed by even worse depression.

You want to get with other people before they make other plans. Have an idea of what you want to do. Some things can be movie night, an anti-Valentine party, dinner, dancing or even hitting the adult entertainment clubs in town with the girls. Make Valentine’s yours; own it, but whatever you choose to do dress to the nines while you do it. This means even if that new-do you shopped for was the softest, cutest, fluffiest set of movie watching p.j.’s in town. After all, when you look cute you feel great.

Flying Solo on Valentine’s Day can be fun!

A lot of it is all about attitude, and if you choose to have fun you normally will. If you couldn’t get up with the girls, or if you seem to be the only dateless diva in town on Valentine’s Day then don’t fret. Dare to do something fun and adventurous. Make it a fun and unpredictable night to remember.

Go to a jazzy nightclub that you’ve never been to, check out a place you’ve been hearing about but never quite had the courage to go to or hit the casino. The options are limitless. What you do want to do is avoid places like swanky restaurants that will be overrun with “lovers” if you are prone to depression.

Choose a spot with the perfect atmosphere for a single woman to enjoy and possible even land a valentine of your own. That is, unless you choose to go to an anti-Valentine’s Day party, in which case no hooking up is permitted.

Remember to love yourself all day while taking the time to look like a million bucks when you go out. You do not have to have a date to make the perfect night. Watch out because you may have such an awesome time that it becomes tough to top for the guys later down the line. The idea is to make yourself your number one valentine.