How to Deal With All Your Girlfriends Getting Married and Having Babies?

Here’s the ideal answer? Get some new single friends and hit the town! Easier said than done right? So your middle name might as well be “Bridesmaid,” you’ve been the bridesmaid at more of your friends weddings than you can count. Worn every color dress under the sun from purple, to mint green to turquoise! Anytime you go to the tailor to get a dress altered they offer you a permanent member’s club card! Your diary for the year is packed with bridal showers and hen do’s and all you can think is when is it going to be my turn?

This is a dilemma that the many females have to go through, there is always going to be one person in the group who gets married last and sits on the bench watching everyone else play happy families. Your friends feel obligated to include you in their social events, but the truth is that they’ve made other couple friends and it’s all really awkward when you show up with your arms swinging and not a man in sight. Things get even worse when the kids arrive because now they really don’t have time to socialize unless baby Kyla comes along. Then it’s all eyes on her, poopy nappies, upset stomach, crying for hours, trying to get her to sleep and before you know it the days over and you’ve got to go home! The conversation ends with your friend promising that you will spend some real time together, but you know that she’s completely switched loyalties and you are nothing but a fleeting thought every once in a while when she has a spare moment which is never! It can get quite depressing and lonely if you let it so here is some advice on how to cope when all your friends are getting married and having babies.

Don’t Feel Pressured

The worst mistake you can make is to feel pressured that you have to get married, and so you get a great big red marker and write “DESPERATE” on your forehead! It sounds extreme but that’s what some women might as well do when they experience this uncomfortable dilemma. The skirts get shorter, the tops get lower and the make-up gets more intense. They start pulling ridiculous stunts to get noticed and fall into the arms of the perfect jerk just waiting to take advantage of a desperado.

Then when they do meet someone, they start trying to play wife on the first date. Offering to iron his clothes, cook his dinner, make his lunches for work, fixing his tie before he leaves the house. Just embarrassing! He can spot your desperate behaviour a mile off and is planning his quick exit as soon as another booty call comes along.

Learn to Love Yourself

When you witness all your friends pairing off and no one rushing in your direction to put a ring on it, your first thought is that there must be something wrong with you. This isn’t what you should be focused on because what it will do is erode your self esteem. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, it’s just not your time yet.

Learning to love yourself can be difficult for some women; however, it’s not impossible. You can start by taking a good look at yourself and deciding what you need to improve on. This could be physically and emotionally. Do you need to get in shape? Start eating better? Work on your anger issues? You know what the problem so is figure it out and then work on it. Your goal should be to become the best version of you as possible. You will find that once you have truly learnt to love and accept yourself, and you are more concerned with becoming Mrs Right than finding Mr Right, the men will start hounding you down.

Learn to Love Your Own Company

Okay, so let’s just say you join a single girlfriends club. You meet up once a month and hang out, this is all well and good but this group will start to dwindle when they start to get into committed relationships. Let’s face it, the goal of the majority of women is to get married and have kids. So joining a singles group is really just biding time until their knight in shining armour comes and sweeps them off their feet, and then the group gets dropped like a hot potato! The safest thing for you to do is to learn to love your own company, go ahead and join a singles group but don’t get too comfortable in the safety of that group. Start going out on movie and dinner nights with yourself so that you are not dependent upon having friends to socialize with.