How to deal with underarm chafing

Whether you walk, run, exercise a lot, you are overweight or just have sensitive skin chafing can be really troublesome and painful!

If you are overweight or an exercise devotee, you have doubtless experienced chafing of the skin, the bothersome and frequently painful result of your skin rubbing against skin or clothing. Chafing may occur anywhere on your body, however, the thighs, groin, and armpits are especially susceptible.
Armpit chafing is the disagreeable result of the skin rubbing during activities such as exercise. Chafing, which can also result from wearing rough, scratchy clothes, which triggers immense irritation and pain?

● scratchy, itchy clothes and friction
● overly loose clothes w/ friction
● Obesity
● athletics like running and cycling
● salt residue after sweat evaporates
● Hot weather
● sensitive skin

● Wash new shirts
● apply calendula oil
● Apply talcum powder
● lubricate armpits w/ vitamins A, E and D lotions mixed w/ petroleum jelly and Aloe
● tea tree essential oil and Aloe Vera gel
● skin should always be dry
● Exercise in well fitting, moisture fighting, synthetic clothing
● treat chafing promptly
● Let skin heal from the chafing

Any type of chafing sucks, especially armpit chafing. Not only does it prevent you from wearing your favorite shirts, or gym clothes, but it is painful and annoying. This often happens at the site of places that get a lot of friction, like our thighs for example. With our armpits infection is more probably due to the amount of bacteria and yeast that is created there.

Chafing in the armpit area are caused by dry skin, sweat and friction. Chafing can be relentless, painful, irritating and reap havoc with painful blisters and bumps. It can quickly become too much to handle.

Friction is the key factor but it is not the only factor causing chafing. Anything from a skin injury to the fabric you have chosen and even excessive shaving can lead to underarm chafing. No matter what the cause it hurts and it is not an easy fix, or at least not an immediate one. There is just no instant relief.
Most of the time chafing is all due to all of the things we put our pits through trying to remove hair. This mixed with a fabric or friction is a painful episode waiting to happen. While there is no instant fix there is a few things that we can do to help. Even when treating chafing feels utterly hopeless when in the throes of it you’ll try a lot of things for a little relief.

Opt for cotton. It does help fight against chafing, and it keeps you dry. Breathable fabrics are always best. You want to stay as clean and dry as possible. Using an antibacterial soap and a great moisturizer will also go a long way to prevent infections.
If nothing you do is helping at home, the powders the antibacterial soaps, it is time to go to the doctor. They may recommend a good medicated powder, cortisone cream or even laser hair removal.

Whatever you do do not freak out. When there is friction followed by moisture and then more friction usually chafing is the end result. Again, switching to more breathable fabrics, staying dry and clean and using all of the preventative measures you can will help you get through this painful blistering process.
If you chafing issue is not cleared up at home soon then contacting a doctor before you set up a nasty infection is vital. Be careful in places like the gym if you have any open wounds due to MERCER infection and any other nasty possibilities.