How to Find Out If Your Man Has A Secret Tinder Account


If you’ve been under a rock the past few years and don’t know what Tinder is, Tinder is a free online dating app, but let’s be real there’s not a lot of dating going on here. Tinder allows users to view photos of other Tinder users in the nearby area. If they think they’re hot, they swipe right. Not so hot, swipe left. Once someone you’ve deemed hot returns the favor and swipes right on your profile, you can begin messaging and swapping pictures. As Tinder became popular, it because a must-have app for your singles…. And married/committed men? Uhh, excuse me?!

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Because Tinder is so simple to use and actively finds people close to you, Tinder became more of a hook up app, and if your man wants some fresh meat, he can find it with a right swipe of his thumb. Married men are actively on Tinder looking for a side chick and some of them don’t even try to hide it! They’re profile picture sometimes even includes their wife!! If asked, some will even come out and admit that they’re married and are “just looking for a good time.” However, some men aren’t so blatantly obvious. They’re here to cheat, and they don’t want to get caught. So how do you find out if your man has a secret tinder account?


Here are the ways to find out if your man is harboring a secret tinder account:

Check for the App on His Phone

The first, and most obvious, step is to look for the app on his phone. If he has a passcode that you don’t know, try swiping it when he puts it down without him noticing. Another way to get into his phone is by asking to borrow his to look something up because yours “died.” Once in, you won’t have much time, so make sure you know what the app looks like so you can spot it quickly.

Some men who really want to keep it hidden may have it hidden away in folders. Check these places if you don’t see it on the home screens. Another quick way to find out if he has it is by checking what apps he has downloaded in the app store.

Check Facebook

Every Tinder user has to have a Facebook account that they can link their profile up to. When you download the app you can see a list of Facebook friends. Simply download the app, and check to see if he pops up. Some men will actually use a fake Facebook profile to keep their accounts hidden, so if you really think he’s using Tinder to cheat, go onto the next step.

Start Swiping

If push comes to shove, you’ll need to set up an account and start swiping yourself. If you’ve gotten to this step, he’s either not using it, or does NOT want to get caught, so it’s unlikely you’ll see a full on photo of him or his real name. It’s likely that you’ll see images of his body, and maybe part of his face, but not enough to be easily identified. Check every body photo for any distinguishing markings (birthmarks, odd shaped freckles, a scar, etc.) that are unique to him. If your man’s skin is flawless, you’ll have to start looking at the background. Do you notice any familiar furniture? Maybe a picture? A bed? You’ll need to put on your detective hat and analyze these photos like your relationship is depending on it, because it sort of is.

Before you start doing any of this, make sure you have a legit reason for doing so. Do you actively think he’s cheating or trying to cheat? Or do you just want to stir up some drama for fun? If you go through these steps and actually discover he’s using the app, confront him about it and make sure you hear him out. Maybe you two actually met on the site and he just never deleted it. Asking him to remove it can show that it was just there because he was too lazy to remove it. If he’s resisting or hesitant about deleting the app I think we both know it’s time for you to move on.