How to Get Bigger Buttocks Fast Without Exercise

Some women want to increase their buttocks size but they are not ready to sweat it out. For those who are overweight the curvy shape is underneath the fat and you will need to chisel out the desired shape. Work towards having a flat stomach and loosing undesired fat in areas of your body which does not include the hips. If you are underweight or skinny your problem is adding more weight to the thighs and hip regions, this can be achieved by watching the combination of food you take.

To grow bigger buttocks fast has no guaranteed method because sometimes the subject is the determinant with what they respond to. Some need just one method and it works for them while others will combine several methods for them to achieve the wider hips. So are their ways one can get a bigger butt without exercising which are:

One way is that you can choose to do it is by altering your physique
a. Believe it; your hips can grow larger when you sit down. A study carried out showed that when pressure is on the buttocks and hips there is fat build up. The reason is when pressure is put on fat cells for long the form triglycerides at a faster rate.

b. There are hip enhancement creams which work by repairing lost elastin and collagen. These are meant to increase the rate of muscle generation around the buttocks and hips.

c. Sometimes a woman gets bigger buttocks by giving birth. Naturally when one is pregnant the hips widen in preparation for giving birth. After birth some women will have their hips return to their normal size before pregnancy but in most cases the wide hips and bigger buttocks become a permanent physical nature.

d. Turns out that with age the buttocks grow bigger because the pelvic bone grows wider. A study conducted showed that the younger a person is the shorter the width of the pelvis and as they grow older they grow wider.

Some of the above methods might take time and not as fast as you hope for so the next alternative would be to use the art of illusion that you have bigger buttocks. This can be done by
a. Padding the buttocks temporarily. To have more feminine hips you can get some hip enhancement briefs. There are different kinds of foam pads which come with the undergarment and they are removable and they increase hips to your hips. In the market also you will find silicone pads which are padded using an adhesive or by using a tight microfiber undergarment or panty hose tight. As you consider this temporal hip enhancement just know that it might affect your wardrobe and you may need to buy some bigger clothes which will fit the new fuller figure.

b. Focus on your wardrobe and emphasize on clothes that emphasize on your hips. When you dress make the waist seem smaller to get an hourglass figure; this is done by using sashes or belts. Consider the color and cut of the clothes you wear. Wear pants with lighter colors or a faded denim to accentuate the hips. Choose pants and jeans that have defined waistlines or straight cut pants. Front pockets should be a feature at the front and smaller pockets should be at the back. If you are wearing a skirt it should be ruffled with multiple layer of fabric giving an illusion of wider hips.

c. Your standing and sitting posture should be adjusted to hip enhancement postures. You should stand straight with weight on one leg and drop the shoulders back. When sitting cross your legs and put weight on one hip to create an S curve.

d. You want to draw the attention to the hips so you swing the hips while you walk. Keep your back straight and shoulders back and down while you walk. Your body should be relaxed and the arms should swing naturally while you walk but swing your hips a bit without overdoing it. To achieve this swinging easily put on a pair of heels as your hips will just sway without using force.