How to Get Bigger Hips and Buttocks

Every lady wants to have an hourglass figure; narrow waist and bigger hips to achieve this perfect look. People seem to be attracted to that lady who has fuller and bigger curves and this has increased the desire of women to get bigger hips and buttocks. To look curvy the size of the buttocks and the hips determine by looking wider. There are natural methods which are used for enlargement as well as artificial methods. To look beautiful and make heads turn the butt size is important.

There are some exercises that target the hips and used for enhancing the hips. These exercises are important but to most people it can be hard to maintain the shape by always exercising.

Take on yoga poses that open up the hips. The cow face, the lizard and the pigeon are some of the poses that will build up the muscle allowing for flexibility.

You can combine any other enlarging method with a favorable dietary intake. This is very important in a woman because you want to look beautiful but the look has to appear more natural. Intake of a favorable diet will lead to a more natural and healthy look. With the diet you have to look for foods that will target deposition the fat in the hip and buttocks area. Foods high in proteins are important for muscle building as they contain less saturated fat. If your body is not in a position to build muscles dues to inadequate proteins then even exercises cannot be of help to you. Take foods rich in healthy fats which will also grow healthy muscles; Leafy green vegetables and tomatoes.

Some will opt for injecting the buttocks with unnatural substances to look good. Though injections seem to work faster they work the same as other enhancers. Do not go for cheaper artificial injections trend with caution and look at the safety of using that injection.

Lotions and creams is another method used for buttocks and hip enlargement. A cream will rejuvenate the skin making it stretch mark free and adding weight in the butt are leaving the butt soft and nice. You choose between the temporary enhancers and the permanent enhancers.

Apply vitamin E and fish oil together as they have powerful antioxidants which will form healthy fatty acids. These will give a look that is smooth and firm.

One can also get a lipomassage or a lymphatic massage which will cause the skin to glow and enhance the tone. For massage use creams which claim to enhance the size of your butt.

There are herbs which are known for the promotion of curves, these herbs are rich in phytoestrogens which act like human estrogen and they produce great results when combined with other enhancing methods. Maca is a hips and butt enlargement herb. It is originally from Peru used for vitality and energy. It is not a hormonal herb but it works to simulate the pituitary gland to promote optimal levels of hormones. Maca in powder form is absorbed better in the body but it is available in more forms so choose your preference.

Surgery is also an option but it should be the last option to look at. This option can be used if you are too bony or flat. In surgery silicone and liposuctions implants are put in. For some women this is the preferred artificial way of enlargement because it is faster and can be easily maintained, some will opt for implants to sculpt the body. They are also easy because you choose the size you wish to have but if they are not professionally and properly done they become a risk in your life. They can be expensive and if anything goes wrong it will not be worth the risk.

Women are shunning away from plastic surgery, injections and other artificial methods which present danger to the body and natural methods which are time consuming as well as money to maintain a favorable diet. So fashion has got a simple risk free option for them. There are fake hips and buttocks which are flooding the markets. They are safe to use and they look more like padded bras which have an impression of fuller breasts. These artificial hips have skin like pads and they are easily worn under a trouser of a dress and they are in different sizes.

Well it is good to enhance your look but remember most men will not get their eyes off that curvy body but they like real and natural women.