How to get rid of fupa without surgery

The word is all over the internet, and you’re not sure if its funny name really makes it better or worse. Yes, you know about FUPA—you see it every day in the mirror. It floats up from the water in your bathtub. It rests on the chair between your legs at work. FUPA, or “fat upper pubic area,” is the single worse curse to your body.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But there are many who feel their FUPA is one of their most problematic features. There are even those who struggle with the extra skin and fat around their pubic line so much so that the go in to get it surgically corrected.

But then there are those of us who don’t want to have the surgery. The invasive and pricey procedures don’t always even work, and as long as there are non-surgical options, we’ll take them.

FUPA is usually a buildup of excess fat, but often includes loose skin from weight gain and loss over the years. FUPA is typically caused by genetics (which account for the majority) and pregnancy. That’s right, ladies—you can destroy the muscles in your lower abdomen during pregnancy, and end up with the curse of FUPA.

You might ask, “why me?” The sad truth is that it probably has to do with genetics. But no matter the built-in predisposition, there are ways to lose FUPA without the surgery. Start with a sense of pride that you want to do this the right way. Take pride in the fact that you aren’t going the surgical route. And then, get to work!