How to Incorporate Children in Your Wedding

Ah ~ the wedding day. The bride is breathtakingly beautiful. The groom is handsome as he or she can be. And whether you’re from an extraordinarily large family with lots of little ones scattered among the numerous brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles, or you’re from a more intimate family that may have only one or two little ones to be found, what do you do with the children?

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Well, there’s the traditional flower girls and, of course, the ring bearers. These are positions of utmost importance and have been seen through many a bride’s royal entourage. But it takes quite a bit of self control to pull a position like that off at such a young age. Sometimes it’s better to give such a coveted position to a young lady or young master who is maybe a little older, a little more mature and can handle the responsibility of being someone the bride and groom can depend on through the entire ceremony.

Yet, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to include all the little ones at a level that allows them to be a part of the excitement?! They are so full of energy! And weddings should be a joyous occasion for all! Not some fidgety, boring event that requires massive amounts of parental control. That’s no fun at all for anyone involved.

So ~ imagine this: The music begins to play. Not the wedding march. No, it’s not time for that yet. The guests are still settling into their seats. The church is almost full. The little ones are still hidden away in the background and are beginning to get restless. It’s time to begin setting the mood.

It’s pixie music. And two by two the little ones are released to run and skip and twirl down the isle in their beautiful outfits. The girls are carrying ribbon steamers on sticks, swinging them and swishing them through the air. The boys have similar tinsel streamers, and some have balloons. And they’re energy is contagious! And their adorability is priceless as they smile and play down the isle towards the front, where they continue their pixie play around to the side isles, one heading to the right, the other to the left, skipping and twirling, running and swishing, until they are back out of site to play in a supervised room with their wedding toys.

Next comes the flower girls, as the music matures some, spreading fragrant petals, they skip and glide their way down the isle, smiling at all the guests as they turn from side to side. Aren’t they pretty and cute in their gowns? The ring bearer follows as the music again transforms into something a little more serious, yet still young and majestic as the young bearer takes his place across from the flower girls who are now sitting by the alter with their baskets.

And now the music glides into another metamorphosis as the bridesmaids and best men begin the march. And then the groom comes, handsome and strong. He takes his place. What a beautiful site they are as they await the bride.

And then it happens! The music begins the thunderous regal commencement as the bride enters the doorway and links her arm one final time with the arm of her reverent father before he gives her to the life she has chosen. It is a royal march they take. One glorious step at a time they traverse the isle. Each step prepared for them through the loving generations of all the children of their family paving their way to happiness.

And when it’s all done, each vow has lovingly been stated, the groom has kissed the bride, that is when the little ones are released once again to run and join them at the alter, bringing with them their glee and excitement before the celebration begins!

That is how you incorporate children into your wedding.