How to Know If Your Man Is Cheap or Just Financially Responsible

Financial responsibility is a total turn-on. Yeah, you read that right. A guy who knows how to spend and save money is very attractive. He’s mature, responsible, and future-oriented- all qualities women should be looking for in long-term partners. But sometimes it can be tough to tell if your man is a financially responsible superman or a total cheapskate.

What does he spend his money on?

If he blows his paycheck on video games or a fancy car but says he can’t afford to take you out to dinner, he’s obviously cheap. Actions like that demonstrate that you do not mean much to him. If he’s spending his money paying off student loans and making rent each month, and he says he can’t afford to take you out, he’s probably right. This is the type of guy you should be with. He understands responsibility and knows how to pay bills. When this type of guy says he can’t take you out, invite him over to binge-watch Arrested Development of Netflix or go for a walk in the park. Sometimes free dates are the best dates!

Who does he spend his money on?

When he does spend money, does he only spend it on himself? A cheap man is a selfish man. I’m not saying he can’t treat himself once in a while or indulge a bit, but overall does more of his extra cash go towards himself or to others? Look for the guy who sends flowers to him mom on her birthday or the guy who puts money in the tip jar for the friendly barista at Starbucks. The sign of a financially responsible guy is spending money on others. Think of the last time your guy donated to a good cause or bought you a gift “just because.” If you can’t think of a time when he was generous, it might be time to dump him.

Where does he put his money?

If he has his fortune buried in his backyard or something ridiculous like that, he’s probably just cheap. He’s hoarding his money because he does not want to spend it. If he has his money in the stock market, retirement fund, or other investment he’s probably financially responsible. He is thinking for the future. He’s hoping his investments will pay off and allow him to start his own business or retire early. This kind of man is not only responsible with his money but he can help you be responsible with yours. If you’re anything like me, you don’t know a 401(k) from a mutual fund. Chances are he does and he’d be more than happy to explain it to you.