How to Make a Homemade Pregnancy Test with Pine Sol

home pregnancy test with Pine SolThere are many methods for conducting home pregnancy tests, including the use of store bought testing kits and the creation of homemade tests, like those that use common household items like bleach, toothpaste, and Pine Sol. For homemade pregnancy tests to work, you must understand what you are required to do and ensure that sufficient time has passed since possible conception in order for pregnancy hormone levels to be high enough to provide more accurate results.

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What do you need for making a home pregnancy test with Pine Sol?

A homemade pregnancy test using Pine Sol requires only a few simple ingredients and supplies. First you will need one or two disposable containers: one for collecting urine and one for mixing your test. You will additionally need a small amount of Pine Sol, and a small amount of freshly collected urine. You will also need something to mix your test with, like a disposable wooded tongue depressor or a cotton swab, for example.

How do you do the test?

To complete this homemade pregnancy test, you must collect your urine sample in a container. If you are using just one container, ensure you collect your urine sample first to avoid splashing any Pine Sol on yourself. After you have your sample, mix it with a small amount of Pine Sol. Even a cap full or two of Pine Sol will work. Ensure you stir the two liquids together so they are fully mixed and then set the mixture aside, allowing it to settle.

How long does this test take?

Information on homemade pregnancy tests varies. Some sources indicate that test results can be read as quickly as just a few minutes after mixing Pine Sol and urine. Other sources reference results not being available for thirty minutes to an hour. It is possible the amount of pregnancy hormones in your urine may affect the time involved in testing, so you may need to be patient and wait out the test for a longer period to ensure you don’t miss results.

What kind of results should you see?

If you are pregnant and use the Pine Sol test, the mixture should change color. Any change in shade or color of the mixture after it has been allowed to sit for some time and settle may indicate you are pregnant. If, on the other hand, after sitting for some time, the color of the mixture remains the same as it was when you first mixed your urine with the Pine Sol, this would indicate you are not pregnant.

How accurate is the test?

No pregnancy test conducted at home is one hundred percent accurate. Even store bought tests have a slight margin of error. However, homemade pregnancy tests, including this one, are much less accurate than even the store bought varieties. There are many things that can affect the results, including how long it has been since you potentially conceived as well as environmental factors and human error.

How do you confirm results?

To know for sure if the results you get from your homemade pregnancy test with Pine Sol are accurate, you will need to follow up with a more formal pregnancy test. Some women choose to confirm results with a store bought test. Others go straight to the doctor to have a urine, blood, or pelvic exam pregnancy test done.