How To Make Moving In Together A Wonderful Experience

The choice to move in together is a big one! It’s an exciting new step in your relationship and needs to be handled as such. However, moving into and sharing a space can be challenging. But with careful planning and understanding it should be a breeze.

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Once the two of you are totally and completely sure you’re ready to live together, make a plan. This plan should include logistics about where you’ll live, how you’ll move all your stuff there and when the big move is going to take place. Make sure you’re on the same page on the nuts and bolts of the move and be ready to compromise. If he can’t live without his gross old armchair that you hate, compromise and make him let you put as many throw pillows as you want on the bed. Be flexible with each other’s needs.

On the day of the move, help each other. Maybe agree that you man will carry all the boxes but you’ll unpack everything. Maybe you’ll split those tasks. One person being frustrated with the moving in process can set the tone for the time that you live together. So make it good!

Decide in advance who does what around the house. Divide up chores and responsibilities. He takes out the trash and you do the dishes, or whatever! If you both just agree to do chores and be helpful and other and other vague niceties nothing will ever get done. You’ll be frustrated that he didn’t wash the sheets and he’ll be pissed that you didn’t go grocery shopping. Assign responsibilities and make sure you stick to your word.

Lay some ground rules for the space. Do you mind if he has friends over to watch the game on Sunday? Does he hate when you blowdry your hair really early in the morning? These may seem like little things but they can eat away at your patience. Get it all out in the open before you move in together. Avoid conflict by discussing in depth what is allowed and is not allowed.

Set aside some you time during the move. Moving in will probably take more than one day especially if you’re both moving to a new place. Moving all day every day for a whole long weekend will be exhausting. By the time you’re finished you’re just going to want to go to sleep. You won’t want to celebrate this exciting milestone. Sometime during the move-in process pencil in some time to yourself and let your guy do the same. Hit the gym or get a pedicure. Whatever you do to relax, do it- moving can be stressful!