How to make you false lashes look natural

False lashes look natural

Not all women are born with nice, thick beautiful eye lashes. False lashes make your eyes look big and bright. You must also make sure that you pick the right ones to wear. Wearing false lashes to prom, maybe to a movie or even when going on a date will make the time to fit them correctly worth it. It can be tricky putting them on at first but practice makes perfect! There are lots of different lashes so it may take you a while to find the one that you really like and which will make you look absolutely gorges.

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Choosing the right one

Choosing the perfect one really depends on your own desires. I would say if you have blond or light brown hair choose brown colored false lashes, if you want a more dramatic look go for a deep black color. If you want your false lashes to look real do not pick lashes that are trying to reach for the sky. Go for short to medium length lashes. I would recommend that you pick slight bushy lashes, don’t go for very thick lashes as it is not natural. You can also decide if you want a full length or just pieces to fill in the gaps.

Perfect fit

You can’t buy false lashes and just stick them on. You need to take the false lashes measure it against your eye lid first and keep in mind to not measure the lashes from the one corner to the other corner of your eye. You need measure it away from the inner corner of your eye as well as a little bit in from the outside of your eye. If you measure it from the inner corner to the outer corner and then stick it on you will immediately give away the fact that you are wearing false lashes. When cutting the false lash make sure that you cut it off at the outer corner. Cut you false lashes just a bit longer than your natural lashes so it won’t look like you are wearing false lashes. Use a lash curler to make the false lashes curl up with your natural lashes.

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Usually when buying false lashes you get glue that accompanies it, do not use other glue. Just make sure that the glue becomes transparent when it dries so it won’t be seen on your eye lids. Do not put eye liner or pencil on before you stick the lashes. You just apply a very thin line on the lash. You can also apply a little strip of glue on you hand and then just dab the lash lightly in the glue. Wait for the glue to become a little drier and tacky, then you stick it just above you natural lashes. Stick the false lash from the outer corner of your natural lash line to the inner corner. Hold them there and press down gently along the lash. You just have to wait a few seconds for it to completely dry.

Final touch

When the false lashes are stuck you can take some mascara and blend your false lashes in with your natural lashes. You can use eye liner to put on top of the glue that may be showing to conceal it.

Taking them off

Do not just pull the lashes of as you can damage your eye lids and even your eye! Take a piece of cotton apply some makeup remover to the cotton then gently rub it on the eye lashes (where the glue is keeping your eye closed) then pull gently on the false lashes. They must come off quite easily so don’t force them off.