How to Perfect the Art of No-Strings Attached Sex

Many of us want to have a long term relationship but sometimes it can be nice to participate in a casual sex relationship. There are plenty of benefits. Sexual gratification, no attachments, basically just a friend with benefits. While many of us want the benefits of a f*ck buddy or a no strings attached relationship, there is a large population who don’t succeed in pulling this type of relationship off. I’m sure you’ve guessed the reason by now. There is always one person who eventually catches feelings and you’ve found yourself attached to a person in a NSA relationship.

So how do we perfect the art of a no-strings attached relationship? How can we just make it a good time with the added bonus of sex? Well, it’s not exactly easy, but having a NSA relationship can be done and the two people involved can walk away with some raunchy memories and sexual experience. All you need to do is to remember some key things when getting entering a casual sex relationship.

Keep reading if you want to perfect the art of no-strings attached sex.

  • Be honest with yourself. Sure everything sounds great when you first think about having sex with your hottie of an acquaintance, but ultimately is it really a good idea for you? Can you rationally separate your feelings and not get offended if he doesn’t contact you for a few days? If you see yourself starting to catch feelings for the guy, a NSA relationship is definitely not for you.
  • Don’t hang out too much. If you see your no-strings guy for sex multiple times a week, it could spell out danger. It doesn’t matter how great the sex is, keep your visits with each other spaced out. Seeing each other too much can lead to attachment, which can lead to feelings, and result in a messy aftermath.
  • Be selective on who you decide to engage this type of relationship with. Don’t choose an ex to be your booty call and definitely don’t choose a close friend. Anyone who you can or may have to see on a daily basis can spell trouble for you. Plus you already have some sort of feelings for each other. Throwing sex into the equation can just make it worse.
  • Refrain from using affectionate phrases or doing couple-y things. You can’t feel like a couple if you don’t act like one. This means no flowers or dates, holding hands in public, even pet names. Don’t send him an “I miss you,” text and he shouldn’t do it either. Also do not buy each other gifts.
  • No sleepovers or leaving things at each other’s places. Enjoy each other’s company and sex and then leave. You shouldn’t be staying over his place or “accidentally” leaving something of yours at his place. That way when things end, you won’t have any worries about getting your possessions back.
  • Commit yourself to having no expectations. You can’t get upset or mad at him if you don’t have any expectations from him. Make sure you both state it clearly that you expect nothing from each other. You both just want to have a fun time and enjoy each other sexually.
  • Don’t be jealous if he moves on. If the guy you were having a NSA relationship decides to move on without telling you then so be it. Don’t get jealous of the new girl he is with. There was no commitment or attachment between the two of you. It should go the same way if you did the same thing to him. Just close that part of the chapter in your life and remember the memories.