How to Practice Pole Dancing at Home

Alright, so you’ve discovered pole dancing and you want to practice at home. Well, first you need to set yourself up with your own equipment.

Well guess what. There are different kinds of poles.

You’re going to need to know what kind of pole you prefer. The best way to discover that is to sign yourself up for a few classes at a private studio that teaches the art of pole dancing.

I bet you’re almost blushing already. But it’s okay! There are different kinds of classes! Different kinds of levels to chose from. There are the sexy classes. Those are nice. They certainly teach all kinds of talents on the pole that you never knew you had. But there are also the exercise classes.

Yuck. Exercise!

True. The word exercise has been given a bad rap because of all the tedious, boring, completely mind numbing hours of running around like hamsters on a wheel going nowhere fast.

But this is different! This is sexy, empowering, incredibly fun pole dancing that can completely replace your exercise routine and stomp it into the dust, forever and ever, no more exercising like a hamster! You’ll, instead, be exercising like the woman you are. Imagine that. An exercise that actually makes you feel more like a woman. I bet even your husband would agree!

I bet he’s over there nodding his head back and forth right now like a bobble head. See?

Still embarrassed?

Okay. Here’s the deal. For your first attempt at pole dancing, you’ll probably want something pretty basic. You won’t need a friction pole, the kinds that spin around, or any of the various others you can find. You’ll want the basics. But there are size differences. This is where it is great to be able to take a few classes to figure out exactly where your comfort zone is. A studio will have at least a few different kinds of poles for you to try out.

But you’re not alone if you’re just not ready for that. A lot of people get started at home, as opposed to the studio. It takes confidence to try new and daring things like pole dancing. And you are confident enough to get started at home. The studio is something you’ll consider later.

You are completely understood.

What you’ll want to do then, is to look at the size of your hands. Some people have large hands with long and graceful fingers. Other people have petite hands that couldn’t possible wrap around a large pole if they wanted to. And that is the deciding factor. What size are your hands? What is the diameter of the circle when you touch your fingertips to the tip of your thumb? You want to get the pole that is closest in diameter to the diameter of your hand grip. You don’t want to get a pole that’s too big for safety reasons. The better your grip, the safer you are as you explore your routine.

Know what kinds of ceilings you have. Are they flat? Do you have beams? What room would you want to set your pole up in? How high are your ceilings? Know these things before you go shopping for your pole.

And if you’re not going to take a class yet, get a video. There are lots to choose from. And after reading this article, you probably already know what kind of pole dancing you’re shooting for. Look for that while you’re exploring your video options.

You’re going to have a lot of fun with your new project. Enjoy ~ and happy dancing!