How to Reject Men Safely and Respectfully

The world can be a lonely place, and when two people meet, sometimes there is that spark that equals a whole life together. However, what happens when only one person out of the two feels that spark? Sometimes a man thinks he has found the woman of his dreams, and wants to have a life with her, but the woman is less than enthusiastic because she does not feel the same way. How can a woman tell the man she just met that she does not want to see him anymore? Rejection is terrible, but sometimes it just has to be done, and here is more information on how to reject men safely and respectfully.

Be Direct and Honest

One of the best ways to reject men safely, and respectfully, is to sit them down and be very direct and honest. A gentle approach is always best, and complimenting the man first, but then letting them down nice and easy. After it is done, then it is best to simply get up and walk away. If a woman stays to see how he reacts, then that is just a chance for the man to say something to persuade the woman to change her mind, which is something that no one wants.

The Friend Approach

One way to reject a man safely, and respectfully, is to tell him that a romantic relationship will not work, but a friendship can blossom instead. Women can have a lot of boyfriends, but not good friends they can trust, and this may be one way for a couple to go from romance to friendship, which can be just as meaningful. After all, sometimes good friends can end up in a relationship, and sometimes not, but good friends are very hard to come by.

Use the Phone

Not everyone takes rejection well, and sometimes a face to face rejection is not a good idea. With technology being the way it is, the use of a cell phone is a good, and safe, way to gently reject a man. Some men might say that using the phone to reject someone is cowardly, but the truth is that men can react to rejection in a number of different ways, even violently, and a phone call will ensure that everyone is safe. Safety is important, and women have to protect themselves at all times.

Consider Sending An Email

Another way that technology can help a woman gently reject a man is the use of email. These days, smart phones do allow for people to get their emails anywhere there is a connection, and this is a safe way to turn someone down gently. An email can be typed out, and in it, the woman can explain that she simply does not the same kind of relationship the man wants, or that she simply wants to be friends and not have a romantic relationship. If the man does reply to the email, the woman can simply delete it without even opening it. Once the rejection is sent, then it is best that the woman not continue to communicate with the man anymore so they can be get on with their lives.

Rejection is something that no one likes, but it is a part of any relationship. Sometimes one person seeing another does not have the same feelings for that other person, and it is necessary to reject their advances. However, there are ways that a woman can safely, and respectfully, reject a man, and she can do it in person, over the phone, or even with an email. Rejection is not fun for anyone, but if it is done the right way, it can be handled well, and the other person can accept it with their dignity still intact.