How Your Single Girl Habits are Draining Your Wallet

Yes, we’ve all been down that road. Broke every week, living from paycheck to paycheck, and it’s still not enough!

But guess what. You’d be amazed where you’ll find the leaks in that boat of yours that keeps sinking no matter how fast you bail out the water. It’s the leaks that are sucking your money away before you can ever even think about a savings account. No money in the bank, no money in your wallet, girl, you don’t even have any money stashed away in some mason jar somewhere! What are you thinking?! What if your tire blows? How long do you think Mommie and Daddy are going to keep bailing that water out of that boat of yours to keep you from sinking?

It is time to put your big girl panties on and look into those single girl habits that are draining your wallet!

I bet you’re still hitting the clubs every weekend. Yeah, okay, the guys buy your drinks, but not until about half way through the night. And those things are expensive! Especially the kind you like. I know you need your social time, but every week of partying adds up. This is a good place to think about cutting back some.

If you need to replace those party days with something else, consider taking a free class in the community. They’ve always got something going on from painting, to ceramics, to yoga. True, the supplies might cost some. But, hey, bike rides are free. And so is kayaking! Grab your suit and head to the lake! Wear some cargo pants if it’s too cold to swim. Go hiking. Learn to rollerblade. Close the leaks in your boat!

And let’s talk about nails. I know. It’s a touchy subject. But you used to do them yourself, and you were good at it! Think about getting your nails done for special occasions for awhile. Not forever, just for now. Because if you can shore up enough leaks in that boat of yours, you might even be able to afford those classes you were looking into that would get you that license. License equals better paying job! And once you’ve got that license, you’ll be able to get those nails done anytime you want to. Do you see how this works? Start climbing the ladder! But not in salon nails.

Okay, breathe. I know this is tough. But you can do this!

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Can we talk about all those dinners out? I know, I know, half the time it’s just fast food. And I know you don’t really like to cook that much. But did you realize if you make a big pot of spaghetti, like you’re cooking for family, you can put the leftovers in individual containers and pop them in the freezer like TV dinners? The first few times you make a big meal like that you’re not going to have a lot of variety to choose from in the freezer. You might have to revert back to taking yourself out so you don’t burn out on the cooking. But if you promise yourself to cook a big meal once a week and make your TV dinners with the rest that’s left over, before you know it, you’ve got scrumptious, homemade, good for you, meals ready to eat, microwaveable goodness in a variety of flavors… and money in your pocket.

Alright, I’m going to let you wing it from here. Because I bet you’re looking around at your boat now and seeing some leaks we didn’t discuss. I think you’ll be glad we had this little talk.