Is A Close Friendship Between Your Best Friend and Your Boyfriend Inappropriate?

Best Friend and Your Boyfriend Inappropriate

There are many benefits to having your best friend get along with your boyfriend. You can all hang out together and not find yourself being forced to choose between two people who mean a lot to you. Your BFF can drop hints about what you want for your birthday to your boyfriend. And your boyfriend won’t mind you going out for girls night if he knows your friend won’t be trash talking him the whole time. However, there is a point when the relationship between your best friend and your boyfriend could get a little inappropriate.

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There has to be a limit on the closeness. Hanging out with your friends and your man can be awesome. Getting a guy’s perspective on typically girl-talk things is very enlightening. But your boyfriend regularly hanging out alone with your BFF should raise some red flags.

You also need to consider the type of person your best friend is and the type of person your boyfriend is. Is your bestie a total hot mess express? Does she shamelessly hook up with a ton of guys? Now think about your man. Does he have history of cheating? Does he get drunk frequently and do things he regrets? If you answered yes to some of these questions, you might not want to let your BFF and boyfriend get too close.

Keep in mind the BFF-boyfriend hook-up may not just happen because both parties are drunk and reckless. If your boyfriend and best friend spend enough time together, they might start to experience real romantic feelings for one another. Don’t be too paranoid but don’t be naïve either. Romantic feelings can emerge between people who are together often.

The key issue here is maintaining an appropriate level of respect between your friend and your guy. You want them to get along but you don’t want them getting along too well. And keep lines of communication open. If you think your friend is hitting on your guy, tell her it makes you uncomfortable and if she’s really your friend, she’ll stop right away. And if the way your man behaves around your friend makes you uneasy, talk to him about it. He may not even realize he was being flirty!

A good relationship between your best friend and your boyfriend can be a beautiful thing but if the relationship gets too close for comfort, it means guaranteed misery for all parties involved.