Is Going On A Blind Date A Good or Bad Idea?

A blind date is defined as going for a date with someone have never met before and you do not know them or someone sets a date for you with that person you do not know and you have never met before. Some describe blind dates as good at times, most of the time they are bad but they are always weird in the beginning.
Being set up for a blind date is common between friends and sometimes family, because they feel you are lonely and they think they can get you a perfect match for you. No problem though you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of having going for a blind date.

Advantages of blind dates

1. Your friends and family know you well and they know your taste in a potential date. They know your dislikes and likes, they know what pisses you off so you can be least assured if the date has been set up by your friend or your relative they will have considered all they know about you. So even if you don’t feel compatible they will not set you up with people who have characteristics and qualities that you dislike. So most blind dates end up in long-term relationships because sometimes you have do not have time to go through several dates while looking for a relationship but your friend is likely to know of someone you will share in the same interests and they are single and very ready to mingle.

2. You worry less if the date doesn’t work out because they are not part of your social circle. You will not be uncomfortable after a failed blind date.

3. Do you know you hardly meet significant people in your life through your daily routines? So blind dates might bring something better or more than what you were looking for. For example you might meet a business partner who is passionate about business like you, your date can be your mentor and eventually they become a wife or a husband.

4. If you know that naturally you are nervous or shy, blind dates will create opportunities for you to meet people more easily and you will be brave since the person you are meeting has not previously met you or known you. A very good blind date helps boost your self-esteem and help you make clear decisions on the sort of relationships you want.

Disadvantages of blind dates

1. Your friends might not know you that well. For example your friend might feel that it is time you get a more serious person to date looking at settling down while you might be feeling you are not ready for anything serious. So your friends and family might set the pace for your life to something you feel you are not ready for. Sometimes your friends taste might not be your know of taste even if you have tried describing to them what you are looking for. Your friend might describe your date as cute, funny among others but to you, the person might be the opposite of what you have heard and you expect.

2. If the date backfires you might experience some strife in your relationship with your friends and family. This is because the date is known to your friend and you are known to your friend so if the date fails your friend is left in between both of you and she/he might have to choose whom to stick with as a friend.

3. When someone is setting you up for a blind date they do not expect it to be a one-time thing and then it’s over. They all have high expectations of a lasting relationship even if not marriage at least your friend expects the friendship to last.

4. Some people are just too shy and their confidence might not be boosted by a blind date. This means you will have to work on your confidence and emotional issues before trying a blind date.

5. Your date could be that clingy needy person that you will feel you did not connect but they insist on taking your number calling you and insist on seeing you again. The person might be a little psycho and this can make you hate blind dates for the rest of your life.