Is Gray Hair the New Black in 2015?

We have heard that grey is the new black, but they aren’t talking about your leggings! More and more women are embracing their grey locks, and there are some that are altering their hair to add the gray. Nope, we didn’t get it twisted. Rather than dying to cover the gray, the new trend is to go grey

The days of rushing to the store or stylist at the first site of a gray hair may be over.

Women of all ages are going gray, on purpose! It is a hot new trend that has even hit the runways. The thing is the look is nothing short of amazing. Coupling silvery grey highlights or all over glossy gray locks with a sassy style, up-do or a hot new cut can be super edgy.

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Celebs are getting in on the fun too. Big names in talent like Rihanna, Nichole Richie and Lady Gaga are just some of the superstars living in the gray. Blondes look out, because it looks like these ladies may be having a lot more fun. If you want to try out this new trending style option then get to a professional stylist.

Don’t try going gray at home. This is not like adding a bit of Ms. Clairol for 25 minutes and rinsing it out, then you are done. You also want to make sure that the stylist you have chosen is experienced. This is a radical color change, and it had the same effects on your hair that bleaching has.

Give your actual hair color a thought. A blonde will have far less damage than a brunette because the time surrounding the actual bleaching process will be less. There are some occasions where due to color or hair type that your stylist will recommend several gradual changes rather than one heavy and damaging lift of color. You have to trust the stylist, because this is not a process that will be easy on the health of your hair otherwise.

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Gray comes in many shades, so choosing the right one is essential. Cool hues are the most flattering. This has gold metallic undertones and works great with medium and dark skin tones as well. Grays with blue undertones is amazing too, but always avoid dull grays or flat grays with no undertones. Having some “streaking” or color brakes between the grays is a nice touch.

Once you have colored the hair it is going to need some TLC for a while. First you want to replenish, and second, you want to keep that color alive. Do not use a clarifying shampoo, and add a great hair mask to your hair care routine. Haircare products should protect against the heat as well as UVA/UVB rays. Aragon and Moroccan oil products are amazing for rejuvenating the hair, and they can be found in your local beauty supply stores.

Your hair will grow about ½ of an inch each month. Roots will need monthly touchups and a tinted shampoo could help with the color fading issues so many of us face at this point.

After you go gray you want to avoid heat styling as much as you can. The health of your hair is at risk, and so is your color. Air drying, sponge rollers and top knot styles are far better alternatives than the flat iron and a hot dry out.

When you have a change this extreme you have to rethink everything including how you are dressing. Edgier styles call for more than the typical black and white. Go with reds and oinks to pop your locks. If you really want to rock your new do then shoot for monochromatic fits and metallic colors.

The main thing you have to worry about is re-pigmentation should you decide to go back to the basics. Once your hair has been stripped this thoroughly anything you do to try to go back to your original, or any darker color, will eventually end in a faded out color. Highlights and lowlights may be the only real answer when that time comes.