Is He Checking For You: 10 Reasons Men Assume You Don’t Want to be Approached

why don't women get approach

Sometimes you may wonder why men don’t approach you. You know you’re pretty good looking and take care to make yourself presentable, yet for some reason men still stay away. While it is highly unlikely they find you unattractive, it could other reasons they are avoiding you. Here are ten reasons why men think you don’t want to be approached.

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  1. You spend more time on your phone than socializing with your friends. Constantly checking your phone for updates while all your girlfriends around you are having a good time sends the signal that you are busy and don’t want to be bothered. Instead, disconnect from your phone and join your girls in whatever conversation they are having. It is the reason you are out.
  2. You’re sitting alone at the table while your friends are up and dancing. This sends the signal that you don’t want to socialize or interact with anyone at all. You sitting alone at the table looking bored doesn’t send the vibe that you want to be approached.
  3. You run away from any man who will try and dance with you. Why would any man want to approach you if he sees you running away from each one that tries to dance with you? While it is a bit much to have a man just come up from behind to grab you and dance with you, you have to remember it comes with the territory. Playfully saying no is better than running ahead of him to get away.
  4. Your mannerisms tell him to not bother. Instead of smiling back at the cute guy from across the bar, you frown or scowl and turn away. That’s a great way to tell him “no thank you.” He’ll get the idea that you don’t want anything to do with him and will move on.
  5. You’re flirting with your male friend in the group. Most men (some may like the challenge) will not come by or approach you if they see you already engaged with someone else. While you may be flirting to make yourself look more tempting or attractive, you might be driving potential suitors away.
  6. You’re loud or rude. Instead of being polite, you mock or make fun of a guy who tries to talk to you. It’s not cute and it makes you look distasteful. Rein in the insults and have fun in a respectful manner
  7. You didn’t order anything from the bar. All your girls have drinks in their hand and you have a glass of water. While it may be because you are the designated driver, some men might think you aren’t going to be there long and won’t bother to make an effort to come over.
  8. You have a sloppy appearance. In a room full of beautifully dressed women, a man will most likely glaze over you to look at all the other eye candy in the room. If you want attention, then put some detail into what you wear.
  9. You appear unconfident. A man loves a confident woman. If you lack self-esteem and display it, your chances of chatting it up with a guy is highly unlikely.
  10. You are with too many of your friends. It’s already intimidating enough to approach a girl in a small group, but if she is with a ton of her friends he might get discouraged and decide to not approach you at all.

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Remember that even if you want a guy to approach you, your situation and how you present yourself is a huge factor. In the end, have fun, be yourself and you soon might find that cutie across the room asking to buy you a drink.