Is Shapewear Damaging Your Organs?

is shapewear safeIt’s a thin extra layer that can add layers of confidence to your look. Shapewear flattens, thins, and tightens up areas of your body that you’re most self-conscious of. And plenty of celebrities wear them. What’s not to love?

The truth is that shapewear could be damaging your organs while causing other medical problems as well. If you’ve ever worn shapewear (and let’s be honest, we all have) you know the feeling. After wearing them for a few hours, you start feeling a little nauseous or a little numb. It gets more difficult to eat and drink or dance and move around. Shapewear compresses a number of organs in your midsection causing you to feel this way. It’s just for one night, you think to yourself and you’re probably right. But repeated use can leave permanent damage.

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Shapewear can cause bowel disorders like irritable bowel syndrome to flare up and cause both bacterial and yeast infections because of the moisture created under its tight surface. This risk of infections becomes higher in people who are overweight and people who are diabetic. If you rely on shapewear to improve your posture, you may be weakening the muscles you usually use to stand up straight.

You may find yourself unable to fill your lungs with air completely while wearing shapewear and this is because your diaphragm is being constrained. Shapewear can create short and long term medical issues. You may experience tingling or numbness in your legs and that is caused by a lowering of blood flow to the area. This can decrease your circulation and in some cases cause blood clots. This drop in circulation can also cause your ankles to swell and your legs to develop varicose veins.

That being said, many of these problems can be easily avoided. First, do not wear shapewear frequently. Wear it to a wedding once in a while or another special event. But this type of garment is not meant for everyday use. Next, wear the correct size. If you buy shapewear that’s even a little bit too tight you are more likely to experience the above complications. Wearing the correct size can minimize your risk of developing infections as well as permanent organ damage. Not to mention wearing shapewear that’s too tight is incredibly uncomfortable! It ensures that you’re selecting the correct size, examine closely if the material is cutting into you anywhere. If it is, you are wearing the wrong size and though it may seem harmless, you’re putting yourself at a greater risk for medical issues in the future. So think about that the next time you shimmy into your shapewear.