Is The “Good Girl Syndrome” Affecting Your Relationship?

Is the

Are you having problems in your relationship due to you always being the ‘Good Girl’? Maybe the time has come for you to accept certain terms and move past others if you want to keep your relationship going forward. It’s time to tap into your inner naughty, and we all have it. You just have to dig deep enough, and learn to “let go.”

Most women are raised with this big impression that sex is wrong and a shameful act although it would have been expected to have faded with the other believes of the era’s gone by. It has however dug its claws in and came along with all the changes evolution has brought. Women by the doings of society still gets told today that sex is impure and should not be enjoyable; this however could not be further from the truth.

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Women get taught to keep quiet, to do what is asked from them and to always be a proper lady. Times have changed people, wake up and smell the new era. Women are now more equals than ever before and thus should evolve with the changing time. If the adjustment does not happen women will always be stepped on and seen as the lesser thus it is turning out to be destructive not only socially but in all relationships.

Most men have accepted the fact that we are equals and want a woman that can stand up for herself and be his equal. Women who tend to please everyone else is not being true to who they are as individuals. Being yourself does not mean you must treat people like stepping stones but just as you would like to be treated. Good girls can find themselves in very dangerous relationships if they are not careful with deadly consequences.

You have to respect yourself before you can respect others and this means you need to know what it is you are made of, your values in life. Self-exploration as a teenager before getting involved in relationships should be encouraged so that women can develop their inner selves. If this was not allowed then you should do it now, have a seat and write your core values down, just for yourself to get a better grip on who you are and what you want in life. Also include your needs as well as what you would like to achieve and this should be used as a guide on your journey into an uncertain future.

You should now also decide how far you are prepared to go to achieve what you want and what you will allow to be done to you. You should never get pushed into giving up on your ideals in life, if he loves you he will accept it, if not he is not worth it. Discuss your wants, feelings and emotions openly with your partner and ask him how he feels about things you would like to achieve. Get his input on changing and what he thinks you should try, but keep to your set limits.

The way most women are raised can actually do a lot of harm and if needed get professional help to work through the changes. If you really want to save your relationship and are willing to change then do so, do not wait until it is too late.

Communication and sex are primary ingredients for a healthy enjoyable relationship and should not be restricted by the ‘Good Girls’ must or do not’s in life. Pressure from parents and society to conform in specific ways should change with the human evolution. Step-up and save your relationship by being who you are and not who you were taught to be. Love and respect yourself enough to learn how you can still be a ‘Good Girl’ as well as a ‘Naughty Girl’.