It’s His Fault! Could Your Man Be Responsible For Your Weight Gain?

If you have been gaining weight it could be due to any number of things including your man. Stress, depression and worry can all lead to weight gain. Maybe you got a little too comfortable and put on a few or you just had a baby. Whatever the reason for your weight gain, if he is mentioning the extra pounds that can even make it worse.

Maybe he has mentioned the weight gain positively, for instance, by mentioning that he will buy a membership or exercise machine for you. This usually comes right after you leave the restaurant he chose serving steak and potatoes complimented by a bottle of wine. Then again, maybe you have a new baby and he is just trying to help you get back on track. Women know what is going on with their body without it being pointed out to them by their man hence annihilating their self-esteem. That actually has been proven to make a woman run for the fridge.

Comfort eating is an easy but bad habit to fall into. Look, women almost always will gain a few pound when she is in a relationship. You spend more time going to dinner and playing in bed than you do at the gym. He eats a lot and that entices you to do the same. All it takes is 500 calories a day extra to add a pound each week. Tipping the balance with exercise and awareness will help stop those extra pounds from forming.

If you are eating out all the time that can lead to big trouble. You can buy and prepare healthier foods with more sensible portions at home. Eating in is more private and it is cheaper. If you cook together it can even be fun.

Being in the bed or on the sofa all the time is not good either. You have to get your body moving to burn fat and calories. If you don’t want to go to the gym together then make sure that you get yourself there. If you can get him involved that is great. If not keep in mind that the research shows it is normally the female that becomes obese n the relationship without proper diet and exercise.

It has been proven that couples living together for less than 2 years are less active. Naturally though he aided to the journey he will have something to say about you letting yourself go or offer some kind of help. The road back is hard, and some never make it. Making sure it does not happen in the first place is the only solution to living a happy and healthy life, and at the end of the day it maintains your self-esteem.

Do not fall into the trap that it will be easy to take off or that you will get around to it. Take charge now while you are in a recoverable state. Go hiking, bike riding or even walk the mall. Just move. If he ever leaves you are left with you, so make sure that is someone you can look at confidently in the mirror every day. You will thank yourself for it.

Also, while he may be adding to the methods causing you to gain weight, the ultimate decisions are yours alone. You have to take control and responsibility. You can be tempted but you cannot be forced to eat too much or exercise too little. Hold yourself accountable and do what it takes to keep the weight off.