It’s that time of the month? 3 key things to know about exercising on your period

When it’s that time of the month you feel lazy getting out of bed is a problem and its worse when you have menstrual cramps and muscle tensions. The question is do you need to continue working out or do you pull out for some time. When you are active during your period you end up with better periods which are less cramps and experience less flow of the period.

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It is medically fit to give your body plenty of rest and sleep during the first days of your period. As much as we are saying excises will do you good on your period plenty of rest will do you lots of good also.

Here are 3 key things you need to know about exercising on your period:

1. Reduce stress and reduce the signs of premenstrual syndrome
It is advisable to continue with your workout routine because exercise will affect the hormonal levels which will reduce headaches and cramps as the stress is reduced. Exercises promotes when the secretions of endorphins which leaves you feeling a very good response. This hormone will help take your mind off the pain and discomfort. In case you experience cramps during your period you will have a level of stress impacted to your body, but exercising reduces the level of stress and even depression to boost the mood. Stress increases the level of menstrual cramps one experiences but exercises not only release endorphins but also promote blood circulation which will reduce the cramps.

2. Exercise will help the body get rid of excess fluid.
During your period the body works hard to retain all the water it can from the body. This is because women do not drink enough water during and even before their periods started. This causes irritation and bloating during periods. To avoid this you have to flush out some water by exercising and some sodium will be flushed out too. Exercises will also make you take more water and circulation will be increased.

3. During your period it is the best time to take on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).
As soon as your period starts you experience a drop in the progesterone an estrogen levels. This means you get more energetic during workouts as compared to other times of the month. There is the lazy feeling and the feeling of fatigue for some time but after about 10 minutes of exercise your energy levels are high and you are more energized to continue exercising. This makes you work out harder and faster and to your surprise. The body temperature is usually lower during your period; this is why the body feels fatigued. On the brighter side you can tolerate hot and intense exercises which will heat up your body without much worry.

During the first fourteen days of the menstrual cycle is when the ovary is released and the testosterone and estrogen are on the rise. This makes the body tolerate pain and you can get on intense exercises without the fear of hurting yourself. Towards the 21st day the estrogen declines and you feel the need to work out some more. Tracking your menstrual cycle carefully will lead to a more effective workout every time.

What kind of exercises should you engage in?

The best thing to remember is that it is not a must you take on hardcore exercises on your period. Simple exercises on your period are just fine, do any simple exercise you feel like doing and that you are comfortable doing during this time. This is because it will take real will power to get started on the exercises so it will be unrealistic to take on a ten kilometer run. Do some light cardio workouts which are your favorites try planking exercises, dance and aerobics among others?

It is also acceptable to feel that you don’t want to go to the gym pick out some simple exercises you can do at home to release tension and take your mind off the pain.

Did you know you can regulate your periods with exercises naturally?

The days before your periods come engage in exercises and be active, then follow up with healthy diets and some fruits. Your period will be back on track within no time. Some of the things you can eat are parsley, pineapples and papaya.