Its Too Many Men Out Here: Why Women Are Attracted To Married Men

Every person has a set of moral codes that they got from their own parents as they grew up. However, once people become adults, they may toss aside what their parents have taught them, and have their own set of moral codes that they live by as adults. When it comes to relationships, there are some women who understand that some men are married, and therefore, they are off limits when it comes to trying to date them. However, there are some women that do not care whether a man is married or not, and are often attracted to these men even more. Why are women attracted to married men? Here are some answers to that very interesting question.

The Challenge Of a Married Man

Believe it or not, some women believe that every man on the planet is fair game, whether they have a ring on the fourth finger of their left hand or not. Men who are already in a committed relationship are seen as more of a challenge, and some women will use every seductive trick they have in order to lure these men into having an affair. There are men out there that are very dedicated to their wives, and these women are truly wasting their time trying to get them into bed, but there are those that would leap at the chance to have an affair. Though no matter what, the fact that married men are difficult to lure away from their wives is an exciting challenge to some women, and they look forward to the thrill of the hunt.

A Wedding Ring Is a Neon Sign

Why do women chase married men? Well, the ring on the fourth finger is a sign that a man must be what is known as a good catch. This man must have a good job, a lot of money, a great car, or anything that was obviously attractive enough for them to find a wife, so therefore, the wedding ring is a neon sign that this man is quite valuable. These days people still do get married for love, but there may also be a nice addition to that love that sealed the deal, and some women see that plain as day when they see a married man.

He Has a Better Understanding Of Women’s Needs

A married man is a very attractive one to women because it means that he has an understanding of what women need. Because he is in a committed relationship, a married man has more insight than a single one, and a woman may find this very desirable because it means she does not have to “train” a married man to understand what she wants and needs. Remember, relationships take work, and if a man is married than he has already put that in, and some women really want a man that is already experienced.

Some people were raised to believe that once someone is married they are on longer to be pursued, but when it comes to married men, there are some women who want to get involved with a man who is committed to someone else. Why are married men so attractive to single women? The fact is that married men have experience being in a relationship, and therefore, understand what women want and need. Also, some women simply love the challenge of going after a man who has a wife, and have a lot of fun seducing them and luring them away from their wives. Men are fair game to some women whether they are married or not.