Ivanka Trump’s Best Looks over the Years

Ivanka Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump but this has not caught the attention of the people her sense of fashion has caught the world’s attention. Ivanka has continued to wear her own fashion line but she also wears from other designers. Of late she has been promoting her book which is meant to guide a modern woman on her working life. Some people have been taken aback by her confessions. Her style has changed through the years especially the transformation from a business woman to be a first daughter has greatly developed. She has had some serious hair moments and beauty issues over the years as a model, a business woman and as a writer. Ivanka seems not interested in selling the image of her brand but is advocating for women empowerment within the trump administration. She has since said that women should not be afraid of being criticized for wearing like a woman, because the most important thing is to gain the respect of your colleagues. She has been known for her dressing in casual pantsuits and long gowns.

Among other titles she holds are being an author and being a vice executive of the Trump organizations and a designer who has launched a fashion label and he own jewelry in 2007. This shows how much she has grown in the fashion industry from being a billionaire’s daughter to a business woman and now an advisor in the Trump’s administration. She has truly hyphenated.

Ivanka launched the eponymous cloth line and has been wearing her own fashion, especially during the campaign period. This has also helped her to be more creative with her fashion line featuring the flower prints and feminine basics muted pinks. This has brought up serviceable basics in her fashion line as she is trying to find sartorial stride as an advocator of women empowerment in the government.

When President Trump signed some bills encouraging women in information technology and environmental science fields, Ivanka wore a red and black blazer with a black choker, which a look of an economically empowered woman.

Ivanka has been known to wear chokers even in the past and it is a 90s trend which resurgence last year. Chokers never seem to suit her style especially when paired with a blazer to attend am important official occasion.

When dressed classically such as black fitting slacks, pointy black flats and a black turtleneck it brings out the best in her and she looks more like herself.
Her sartorial decisions cannot be harshly judged as they show that she is yet to find a footing as is still working to transition from a real estate executive to a fashion line owner and now a political operative.

The most favorable are

2017 – Ivanka Trump has made heads turn while she was wore pink one shouldered dress with a black strap which looked like a black bra strap. The bare-shoulder look seemed too sexy for a serious occasion which was the president’s first joint address to the congress. This was so much unlike her because she has been known to dress conservatively for black ties occasions alongside her father. This seemed particularly odd because the congress women were in white suiting while the first lady was in a Dynasty-esque. In the congress women are known to wear the significant white suits representing women suffering and seasoned politicos. It is interesting how Ivanka has managed to put in a wow factor in her outfits.

When visiting the Boeing’s headquarters Ivanka’s color block skirt was a statement making piece. She is not only acting as a daughter but her influence can be felt through her father’s administration.

1996 – Then Ivanka attended her father’s birthday with dirty looking but long and healthy blonde strands.

1999 – At a fashion show she locked the gorgeous red lip with brown locks.

2003 – At the screening room with a fun messy up do complimenting her rosy cheeks.

2005 – A clean cut style at the Chanel costume Gala with a shot above the shoulder bob.
– The apprentice season finale she just had the perfect pretty light lip and an amount of blush.
Fashion missteps are acceptable until she completely transitions to her new role.