Katy Perry’s Incredible Style Transformation

Katy Perry is a songwriter and an American singer and her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. In her childhood days she sang in church then later as a teenager she pursed gospel music singing and signed and released her debut album done by Red Hill Records, but the record was unsuccessful. Then she moved to secular music in the following year. She rose to fame in 2008 after releasing a single ‘I kissed a girl.’

Her Hair

Katy Perry’s style is incredible, she is known to dye her hair in stripy orange a hair color she says was inspired by Donald Trump. You would need much confidence to pull the looks and hair styles that Katy pulls. She has been known for coloring the hair with almost any shade of color that has ever been in existence even the weirdest ones. Her hair has transformed over the years. She recently revealed her brand new hair color shade which has a platinum blonde shade with the shaved sides.

She made a comeback into the industry in 2017 having ditched the dark hair for full bleach. In 2016 she had a black shaded hair, and the color was professionally and cautiously done with layers of dye to make sure that it is perfect. In 2015 she rocked a flamed hair and for some time and she had the ombre in subtle tonal graduation. At the Grammys she wore an all granny purple hair color. In 2014 she has an unusual all green hair color. In 2013 she rocked the sci-fi brunette hair color and in 2012 the purple hair. Still in 2012 she had changed her hair color to electric blue among many other colors in 2012.

Her style

Her fashion style has transformed through the years also. At the American music awards in 2004 she was in her early years in her career but this did not deter her from rocking knee high boots with a bright green dress. At the Lush Swag –Fest in 2005 Katy wore to give a sense of personality by the use of bright yellow heels with a tee combo and toned down shorts. At the Music Awards she wore some flat shoes and with a frock and she looked perfect. In 2008 at the Nintendo Wii Launch she wore a black gold mini-dress which still rocks until today. At the Rock & Republic fashion rocks party she matched bold and bright colors from head to toe. At the New York fashion week she gave a Betsey Johnson’s fashion as if it was only meant for her. At the Today show she pulled off a strawberry dress and trust me only her could do that and later she rocked a colorful floral blazer and she it was amazing. A monochromatic dress was accompanied by bright accessories. She is a bit wild about her fashions but guess what, the little black dress works for her.

Katy Perry has always been fashionable and her style has changed over the years. Her looks are always memorable and she is never boring and you will attest to that. She has pulled off many looks put on by few famous people and she never seems to fail.
In 2004 she was not a star but the taste of sartorial things could be seen, having vibes in a blue tea dress.

In 2005 a pop dress came in handy and was truly loved especially because of matching with boot cut jeans with pointed shoes.

Amazingly in 2010 at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards she put on a kaleidoscope dress which was a fashion pace setter. She pulled it off once again!

At the pre Grammy gala in 2011 she proved she can rock neutral colors and patterns and still look good. In the same year she wore a perfect dress and topped it up with a cat-ear headband; now is there anything this gorgeous woman can’t pull off any day anytime? If you thought it was enough what do you think of an all pink look? Katy put on pinky hair color, pink gown and a pink hairpiece and yet she looked amazingly beautiful.

In 2012 Katy proves that that black dress needs not to be boring after all. She looked edgy and unique with rows of sheer stripes on top and at the bottom of the black gown.