Ladies: Would You Date a Man “Prettier” Than You?

Dating a guy prettier than you

We all love a good looking man, but is there such a thing as a man who’s too pretty? Now the word pretty may mean many things. It could mean he’s very attractive and has been blessed with the best genes ever given to man, or it could mean he takes great care to look very put together all the time. Regardless of how “pretty” a potential partner may be, it shouldn’t be the main or only determining factor to date him.

Many women may argue that dating a prettier man will lower their self-esteem, especially if he knows how attractive he is. Some women will wonder why this beautiful man would date a woman who is considered not as attractive or in his league. Women will flock to him and he will love the attention, all while you are sitting there seething in anger and jealousy. So if the potential man you have your eye on makes you feel somewhat insecure about yourself or causes you to lose confidence when you two are together, it doesn’t bode well for a long-term relationship. You want to be with someone who uplifts you and makes you feel beautiful. It’s not healthy to be with someone who makes you feel less worthy while in their presence. While he may be beautiful to look at, he will cause nothing but heartache when he doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings back to you.

Now there are men who are considered pretty because of their grooming habits. Some are very high maintenance and will take longer than the average woman to get ready for a date. If you are a low-key woman who doesn’t like to make a fuss about her appearance, it is likely that having a man with such detailed grooming techniques will drive you nuts. If you both are very meticulous about your appearance and enjoy the process of getting ready, then the match may be ideal. Remember that chemistry is important, but compatibility is also a huge factor in deciding if two people can be together in the long run.

Many women who have landed very attractive and pretty men know they have a good catch. They also know that looks aren’t everything. Just because she may not be considered as good looking as he is doesn’t mean he doesn’t find her to be the sexiest woman in the world. As long as she stimulates him both physically and emotionally, he’s completely smitten.

In the end, dating a prettier man than you is all about perspective. Can you handle how long it takes for him to get ready? Or can you tolerate all the attention he will get from other females? Once you’ve taken factors like this into consideration, you need to also think about if he has long-term potential. Love is more than just a pretty face and needs more than a pretty face to last. Appearance may ignite the attraction but personality sustains the flame. A beautiful man without substance will bore you quickly. You need to be a man who will treat you right and make you feel beautiful both inside and out. So don’t let his prettiness deter you from dating him. He may have a wonderful personality to match that beautiful smile of his.