Look at Those! Are Women More Obsessed with Breasts than Men?

Could it be true? Could women be more fixated on breasts than men? Would you be surprised if I said yes? While men love breasts, all shapes and sizes as a matter of fact, women tend to be more critical of their chest size. If you were to talk to a group of women, chances are there is more than one who is unhappy with her chest. They are never satisfied with what they have. Some feel that their breasts are too small, other feels theirs are too big, some may think they breasts aren’t perky enough, the list goes on and on.

As usual, women are harder on themselves than what’s good for them. Men love breasts, all type of breasts in all shapes and sizes. It is rare that a man will take time to critique his girlfriend for not having an “ideal rack,” and if he does, he’s a jerk who isn’t worth your time.

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We know men are fixated on our breasts for aesthetic and sexual reasons. But why are we so fixated on breasts? Where does out obsession come from? Perhaps it’s because we always compare ourselves to each other. Or maybe it’s competition. Think about all the times a well-endowed woman came into the room and you immediately came to a conclusion based on her appearance. It’s not the right thing to do but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. For most women, we always look at other women as competition. So a girl with a better rack means competition for you, especially if you are uncomfortable with your bust.

When you think about it, the world is obsessed with breasts. You have certain fashion styles revolving around busts. Then you all the adverts with breasts plastered everywhere. The world’s obsession just feeds women’s self-obsession with breasts. At times it seems media, businesses, and fashion feed off of our obsession with wanting better breasts (even if our breasts are perfectly fine). It’s a vicious cycle that has no end in sight.

Another thing that helps with this obsession of breasts is the fact you can augment them. Each year thousands of women flock to plastic surgeons for implants, reductions, and lifts. For those who are afraid of the knife or can’t afford their surgery yet, there are all types of bras to change the size and shape of your breasts. Think of all your pushup or padded bras and how much you feel better when you wear them on one of those low self-esteem days.

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We always want what we can’t have and that includes whatever we think the ideal breasts are. Instead of spending time wishing for something else, embrace what you have and rock it! You have a smaller chest, get away with wearing those daring shirts braless. Have a larger chest? Get the fanciest bra you own and show those girls off. Don’t have your obsession be a negative one because you aren’t happy with your body image. Love yourself!