MRSA bacteria in Daycares?

It could happen, it does happen and it is becoming more and more likely to happen. Many times daycares are out on a much higher pedestal of cleanliness than they deserve anyways, not that there are not a few good ones out there.

Misdiagnosis of MRSA is Common Allowing a Contagious Child Headed to Daycare Unknowingly

Imagine putting your 14 month old child in daycare and getting a note home saying a fellow classmate had MRSA. Then you go on to find that methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus cancause scaring, pain, reinfections, it is difficult to treat and it can lead to death…oh, it is also highly contagious. It is not the daycare’s fault because they were told what the parents were told, “it is a spider bite”. That is unfortunately the main misdiagnosis for MRSA. What a scar reality for so many parents today.

Daycares are Hot Spots for MRSA

MRSA strikes many times in health care facilities. Daycares are similar in statistics and are breeding grounds for superbugs like Mercer. Mae sure your child is taking frequent baths and that you are not using antibacterial soaps. Try to keep your child’s skin from becoming dry. Hygiene is your best preventative measure from MRSA.

Prevention for MRSA; Protecting your Child in Day Care

Be sure all wounds, scrapes, cuts and areas that penetration may occur are covered. Make sure you are laundering all clothing, bedding and towels in hot soapy water followed by a thorough hot dry on a regular basis. Use bleach whenever possible.

Monitor your daycares setting and cleaning techniques. Find out what they are using as far as disinfectants; ask questions about MRSA prevention and about their training to recognize it. If these are not up to standard move your child to a daycare that is up to par. Never anticipate improvement, it is simply not worth the risk.

MRSA Facts

MRSA is deadly, it is painful and it can leave awful scars. Many times reinfections are going to happen, and the road is a long one for an adult let alone a child. If you have to leave your child in a daycare do all you can to make sure that they are in a clean environment that cares about your child and is familiar with both MRSA and how to prevent it.

Experts have stated that new mutated strains of MRSA are even more difficult to treat, and that is most likely related to the overuse of antibiotics. This is a common and highly infectious illness that can strike anywhere and is spread by sometimes healthy people. Some carriers of MRSA do not have any signs or symptoms and never become infected, but they can infect others. It can be on the skin or in nasal passages.

Daycare centers are very vulnerable to this illness, and hygiene and cleanliness had to be strict in this setting. Prevention is the only way to protect your child from MRSA in daycares, and that starts with the providers.