No Makeup Movement: Do We Know What Real Women Look Like These Days

A woman can’t go outside these days without feeling the pressure of what a “real woman” looks like. With photoshopped models, magazine headlines telling you how you can “lose weight fast”, or tabloids showing an actress who “looks like a whale on the beach” being shoved in our face on a daily basis, it’s hard for us to determine what a real woman actually looks like. Recently, we’ve seen women, celebrities, and even beauty companies come out with the no makeup movement. How can we determine what a real woman’s face looks like when a beauty company tells her she’s beautiful without it, but then markets to her and tries to sell her makeup?

What is the no makeup movement?

The no makeup movement aims to empower women to feel comfortable in their own skin without having to rely on make up to make them feel good about themselves. But even in these commercials and internet ads that support the no makeup movement people are still wearing makeup! What’s even worse is that there are people who spend so much time putting on makeup just to look like they don’t have makeup on. What? What does a real woman’s REAL face actually look like?

That’s a loaded question, women have different skin types, skin tones, different eating habits, and a ton of other things that influence what a real woman looks like.

  1. Real women can look flawless

Some women have smooth skin, with no bumps, dips, or discoloration. They’re skin is hydrated and plump.

  1. Real women have blemishes

Acne gets everyone. For some it only happens in their adolescent years, for others it follows them throughout their life. Real women have pimples.

  1. Real women have dark circles

Dark circles can happen for a number of reasons: allergies, lack of sleep, too much sleep, stress, age, iron deficiency, crying, smoking/drinking, coffee, and even too much salt. With the millennial generation working late hours, going out with friends, and staring at their phones, our eyes are easily stressed and we don’t get the amount of sleep we need. Real women have dark circles and puffy eyes.

  1. Real women have light eyebrows

With eyebrows being the big thing in makeup right now, it’s important to note that not everyone has perfectly shaped, full eyebrows. Some of us have thin eyebrows, some of us have blonde eyebrows, and some of us have no eyebrows, but we’re all real women.

  1. Real women have pores

These photoshopped models always appear to us as these smooth goddesses from above with literally zero pores. Their airbrushed faces can make us forget that it’s ok to have pores, small or large.

Is a real woman a woman who doesn’t wear any makeup?

No. A real woman is any woman. A real woman’s real face is that woman’s face, regardless of whether or not she is wearing makeup. A real woman is confident and assertive, or insecure and shy. A real woman is someone who is comfortable with themselves. A real woman is someone who knows who they are deep down. A real woman knows what she wants, or maybe she doesn’t, but she’ll find out sooner or later. A real woman doesn’t need to feel validated by an object or person, only herself and her values.

You should always feel comfortable in your skin, whether it’s bare or has foundation on it. Wearing makeup doesn’t make someone a fake woman, and wearing no makeup doesn’t make you a real woman.

So, do we know what real women’s faces look like?

Yes. A real woman’s face has eyes, a nose, and a mouth. End of story.