Not Again: Why Guys Run Away After Sleeping With You

You’re finally intimate with a guy. You’re excited, nervous, and maybe even hopeful this can into something more. Then it happens. You guys do the deed, and he runs away. You don’t hear from him and he is never to be found again. So why do guys run away after sleeping with you? Sometimes it’s your behavior that can send a guy running, sometimes it’s just because he’s a jerk. Before you hop into bed with another man, here are some reasons why guys run away after sleeping with you.

  • You seemed too clingy. It’s not something you do deliberately, but if a guy feels or notices you seem way too attached before anything type of relationship is established, he will run to the hills and never look back. There are many women who view sex has something sacred and believe it should be shared only if they are really into the guy. Next time make sure the guy you’re seeing feels the same way before you hop into bed with him.
  • You were a conquest. This is probably something you don’t want to hear, but it doesn’t happen. There are men who will flirt and work their magic to get into a woman’s pants and then leave. They have no emotional attachments and only wanted one thing from you. Once they got it, there was no reason for them to stick around anymore.
  • He thought you were bad in bed. There have been men who will not pursue a relationship because the woman they slept with was bad in bed. It seems superficial, but it does happen. The guy you slept with may have felt you were hopeless in bed and preferred not to waste his time to improve your skills. Sex is a broad spectrum and it could mean many things. For example, he may have thought you had poor blow job skills and decided that was enough to decide to not call back. To be fair, he probably wasn’t as into as you thought he was if he upped and left like that.
  • He’s afraid. Sometimes a guy may be into you but he’s scared at how he’s feeling. If you get that feeling from him, give him a call or shoot a text. Don’t overdo it or you’ll look desperate. If he gets over his fear, he will respond. If not, then move on, if he can’t build up the courage to see what the future holds with you, what else does he wimp out on?
  • You two didn’t click. You may be hot, he may be hot, but if there isn’t much else, don’t expect him to stay for long. Even if the sex is great, it can only hold him for so long until someone else gets his attention. Sex isn’t everything, the intellect and also the confidence you have play a huge role in how turned on they are and whether or not they decide to stay.